Friday, January 31, 2014

looking forward...

Here I am, so far away from where I started.  Just so y'all know I am working my way back into writing/blogging/sharing.  I had some shit to deal with in the meantime and now... I'm on to the next one.  I will meet y'all back here soon I can't wait!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

to the beat y'all

Happy Birthday to me…38.  Yup on the back end of some thirties, feeling like I’m 45 and looking like I’m 29.  Genetics, rock it, roll it, believe it!  This is my New Year’s Eve.  This is the day that I decide what comes next.  Got some new music loaded up on the iTunes.  Got some homemade cake & In n Out in my belly.  Got a 7 & 9 year old who drive me crazy, make me happy and help me channel my inner silly.  38 Y’all that’s what it is, that’s where it’s at.  Expect more to come from this mommy.  Things have been Harry Carey and dry, but the fountain is flowing and I think this twenty-thirteen shit is gonna be FUN! As always PLGC…out-

Friday, August 31, 2012

far from home...confessions of a bad conversation

today has been, well..a day.  yup that kind of day.  the kind where things go a little sideways and then you end up yelling at your mama.  my mama lives far away in a land called oklahoma, and here i am in cali-forn-ia.  the last time she saw my wee turtles they were 5 and 7.  it was a short visit, we were there for a funeral. they are 7 and 10 now. that's NOT how i want them to remember her.  i don't have a lot of extra cash but i can scrape up a plane ticket.  i just want her here, for my kiddos.  oh i miss her too, but that ship sailed awhile ago.  my turtles however deserve grand-parental love!  feeling a little selfish on behalf of family, feeling a little guilty for working too much and just plain missing my mama.  too bad i came off like a bitch during that conversation. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's been a long long long caps

free floating free forum periods only. no commas no caps.  you missed me? probably not.   i did not miss me.  it has been one giant sh!& hole full of realy fricken shhhhhhhhhhhh.

crazy mazy flipping it corporate and homemade all at the same time.  i can't even tell y'all what i'm talkin about.  i can't cain't ain't gonna do it.

key words; kids. husband. husband. love love love love that man. mom...whoa really mom.. in the words of my 9 year old. wow ((all caps)) in a cap free world.  6 year old..competitive..moody..mother fricken 6!!

anyway y'all.  apply your own story here because it is way more fun to do it that way.  more soon from the mc in the ec

peace love and mother fricken hecka becoming east bay y'all

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Treasure & Gratitude

I think my last post came across a little more negatively than I intended. Sleep deprivation and stress can make something very clear to you and then you reread what you've written. So I'll own it, all of it, the negativity and the point that I was really only trying to get across to myself.

Life has been one heck of an adventure these days. I have recently forayed back in to the land of the working mother and it has been quite the challenge. I love my new job but I do not love childcare. Making childcare arrangements specifically! I don't even spend this much money on myself y'all! It has been hard being away from the kiddos so much too and HD! The adventure is spinning past in high speed and I am holding on tight.

On another note I spent the night before last at the emergency room with Embea until midnight. She has a spider bite. It is starting to look a little worse so we're off to get antibiotics and see our pediatrician today. The funny thing is we had a blast! We read books, drew pictures and played hangman. I take my quality interactions where I can and time with my girl always lifts me up!

Both kiddos have adjusted fairly quickly and I think they are behaving pretty well. I am definitely the recipient of more hugs these days and I love the way the jump up and down saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" the minute I walk through the door! That's why I do it, strap on my work boots everyday and head out into the land of the working woman. I want them to feel secure and to be able to be happy kiddos! I am very blessed that I was able to spend most of the summer off with them, we had a grand time.

So there it is in a nutshell and none of it quite so bad. I really am trying to have a positive outlook every day. I am putting my intentions out there and I am getting results. I am ready for more good things to come into my life and I am very grateful for my husband, my children, my family, friends and every other wacky thing in between. So if my last post seemed vent-a-licious, it was. Sometimes you got to get the junk out to allow more space for the treasures.

PLGC & alot of gratitude for any of you who take the time to stop in an read my random musings.

MC -out