Monday, December 10, 2007


There's always the sky let it here what you're saying....

Today has been full. This morning it was 6am on a payroll Monday, which equals lots of work for this hot-mommy. Then it was off at noon to take the turtles to their check-up and government mandated vaccinations. Yes I vaccinate, bring on the trolls.

Vaccinating is not only something you doubt as a parent, but it is absolutely cruel. BB only needed 2 shots, hep-a and the flu. BG was not so lucky. She is apparently of an age, yes that age. The one where you are still in pre-k, but everyone forgets that fact and are already thinking kindergarten.

5 shots. 2 in one leg, one in one leg, and one for each arm. So don't chew me out right now for my stance on the whole vaccination thing. I feel like a heel already, a big fucking freaking heel!

I took the kiddos to Elephant Bar and had myself a Martini, [grey goose. dirty. dry.] don't hate. We had calamari, fresh baby field greens in a balsamic vinaigrette with bleu cheese crumbles and candied walnuts and mac and cheese. What can I say I live large. Our Waiter was fabulous, I don't remember his name but I tipped him ten on thirty four, so hey. We ended the meal with a Hot Fudge Sundae!!

We did a little Bookstore browsing and I read the turtles the Night before Christmas. All in all it has been a full day, but then again it has been a full month. I am going to be so tuckered out by 2008.

PLGC -out

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I haven't blogged in weeks. Funny how time will snap you up take you on a ride and pass you right by. That is how the last couple of weeks have felt. A whirlwind of busy that doesn't really have an end in sight. We've had parties and sickness and an excellent visit from the M-I-L.

It has really got me reminiscing. I think it is just this time of year, but I am dredging up memories of long ago these days. I sit looking at My turtles and seeing BG on the cusp of realizing that Santa too may NOT exist, and laughing at BB because the threat of "the naughty list" is really working this year.

I remember both of their Christmases when the shiny wrapping paper was way more interesting than the actual gifts they received. Beyond that I remember being rounded and pear shaped twice, the second time just a bit more round than the first. I remember the cute pink Santa Baby t-shirt that I worked so diligently to hem and bedazzle, because I did not want to look like a pregnant cow.

I could fill pages upon pages with these holiday memories. Why so many now? Is it just that we have a time frame to pull our memories from, I wonder? My favorite Holiday memory is related to the NFL, of course. The Christmas eve prior to the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl I got to see them play the Jets. It was nose-bleed seats, bitter cold and windy. I shared huge beers with CS snuggling close and wearing my dorky Raven head and team appropriate sweatshirt. I loved every single minute.

This time of year for me is about my family and friends. I love to give way more than I like to receive. I love the early morning intimacy of my small family gathered around the tree while the kids rip into their gifts. I love braving the mall. I love my life.

It is exciting that a New Year is approaching and that there will be new memories. It is important to remember how much I love my husband and how much I cherish my children. It is important to hold those Christmas' past in my heart. To laugh at the Christmas when my sister and I got hamsters and Pound Puppies. To remember my brother's laughter before he was fragile, before, when it might not have been his last Christmas.

PLGC -out

Sunday, November 25, 2007

uhm, yeah...

It is Sunday, I have to be at work by 6:00 am tomorrow. I have not got a damn thing to blog about today. Cleaned house, took ibuprofen, wrote this blog. This kids are killing each-other and their screams are drowning out all rational thought. Happy Back to the grind after the holiday weekend thing a ma-jigg..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

to fall...

I would like to start this blog off with an apology, no not to you guys! So I missed a couple of posts, pshaw!

Honey (CS) I am sorry for all of the half assed attempts at acting like I cared when you were having back spasms. (or other various ailments that apparently stalk you in your thirties.)

just call me Humpty Dumpty...

Brother decided to grab onto my pocket, in the middle of his less than clean room, He stumbled, I stumbled, various body parts were flailing around and I almost squashed my own son beneath my bum like a bug. {put a picture to that, would ya?) I knew then I pulled something, nothing an ibuprofen wouldn't fix.

Last night I was playing catch with the kids (in a slightly cleaner version of above stated room) I reached out for the ball we were using in our game of triangle catch. That was it, I could not move for over an hour, I had to text CS to come home from work and the turtles tried to kill each-other. sitting and typing this hurts, but I am going stir crazy!!

I miss the days where I could've laid around all day and not given a shit that the housework was going to hell in a hand-basket!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The blog after she missed a NaBloPoMo post.

Well here it is the Eve of Thanksgiving, the most gluttonous day on the calendar for us U.S. citizens. I have not even gotten close to where I want to be. Though we have created a theme song, very slow and disco you sing"It's a Holiday Parteeee, Woot!Woot!" We have made some appalling , yet completely charming [foam]Gingerbread/glitter glue themed Christmas ornaments. We also ran through the gambit of foam snowflake ornaments. Just 3 short years ago I couldn't find soft ornament making kits to save my life. Now I feel like I am suffocating in foam, Make, it go away. "ahh but the kids love, that's the gist of it."

My menu (which will be added to my mother and sister's menu)

Posole with Red and Green Chile (it's soooo a NM thing)
Sugar Cookies
Magic Cookie Bars
Cranberry Apple Relish
Cheesecake Petit Fours (in progress and being ignored)

Well I gotta sign out, What? You saw the menu.

Peace, Love and Posole!

Monday, November 19, 2007

My husband was supposed to write this blog.

He said he would call it NoBloNoPro, no blog. no problem. The truth is I am beyond tired, so I am off to bed. I am so never letting CS near my blog again, he is such a bad influence.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Never go to Michaels the weekend of Thanksgiving.

That is it really. I have nothing more to say, Oh wait, I have one more thing to say. Don't go to Wal-mart either.
Fine I will elaborate, but only slightly because I am freaking tired and out of sorts and I have to be at work at 6:00 am. I warned you that I was out of sorts. I have to get ready for T-Day. I am making no-bake cheesecake petit fours courtesy of the Domestic Goddess. I stumbled onto her site by looking up petit fours recipes. I am also making Posole, and Cranberry Apple Relish (I'll include the exact recipe here as soon as I find it.) This paragraph is having trouble coming to a point, so moving on...

Those are some of the reasons I ventured into the outer regions of Hell and then Hell itself. To bake and to craft and to feed my family for the next week, on a limited budget. I ended up with more than I went into get, but that is the cliche that is my life.

My kiddos were on the whole well behaved. Though there were a couple of times that complete strangers stared at me as if I were a monster. My mom would have given me a swift smack and that would have been that. What was my crime? I threatened to leave the basket on the aisle and go home, I counted to 2 1/2, I must be a damned abomination!

I parked 5 miles from the store and had to push 2 kids (in one of those badly designed double seated with the seatbelts broken kind of basket) and $175 worth of groceries up hill to the car.
I admit I almost wasn't up to the challenge.

I am tempted to strike through this entire post because it is so whiny. I hate whining. I think I need a time-out. Either that or I should park this blog right here and go straight home, without all the stuff I came in for. PLGC-out

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Morning musings.

I love driving at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. There seem to be few if any people on the road and I don't have to drive 75 mph to get where I need to be. This morning's drive reminded me that I love this time of year.

There were at least 20hot air balloons scattered throughout the sky. The weather is brisk enough for a few layers but you don't really need a jacket. I do think it is time to get some gloves though. I buy new ones every year and by the next time I need them I have usually lost the mate. I could start an interesting art piece made entirely of mis-matched gloves. Most likely it would catapult me to a life of fame in the Fine Art world and I would have to live up to the brilliance of the mismatched gloves. That first ray of brilliance is to big of a hill to climb, so I think I will just let go of that dream right now.

As I was driving down I-25 I tried to imagine myself as a tourist and on my way to Santa Fe. I start taking stock of what I see. Adult Video, John Deer Tractor, Topless Dancers, Olive Garden. I say to my imaginary 70 something husband "Pa they got us a Olive Garden we can go there for dinner." Then I shift into the other type of artsy-chic tourist. Albuquerque is such a hick town, I can't wait to get to Santa Fe." The trucker, he pulls over to one of the five strip clubs in that small stretch and has a beer.

Yes I do have quite an imagination. I also have 3 years of owning a shop in Albuquerque's Old Town. The scope of tourist types goes well beyond those I've listed, but I assure the depiction is accurate.

To top my morning off was a lovely fellow driving in front of me. He so hadn't been home yet, and he was smoking a big ol' stogie, so I am pretty sure he got lucky last night. I was giggling and reminiscing of my 7:30 a.m. jaunts in the past. They weren't always grown up obligations, but then I didn't stop and take stock of the world around me back then either.

Friday, November 16, 2007

7 Random Things Meme.

I am a Meme Virgin. Phew, I am so glad that is out of the way. I was tagged by Suzanne, Julie and Nancy. Thanks a bunch, no. really. Here are the rules and then, and then, and then, Shibby. Sorry mindless 20 something moment, hehehe.


1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random things about me:

1. I had dreadlocks in college.
2. I am a better cook than my mother (:sorry mom, your a great cook, I'm just better:)
3. I dye my hair a lot, right now it is Soft Black.
4. I used to work at a Slavic, coffee and wine bar, fine dining restaurant, it's true.
5. I own a copy of E.B. Strunk and White.
6. I played Dinosaur Island with my kids tonight.
7. I would kill someone for a Mars Milky Way Dark right now.

For this meme, I randomly tag the following fellow NBPM'ers:

1. The Reluctant Blogger
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6. Carrie
7. The OC Mama

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Episode 2 NaBloPoMo

Did I actually give myself a topic, as one of my coworker used to say "for sures". Now why in the H-E-double hockey sticks (trying to curb the curses yo) would I do something as ambitious as that on my 2nd NaBloPoMo?

So you have guessed it, I didn't come prepared. I picked up the kiddos, bought some sushi, miso and pot stickers from the market and had myself a big ol' glass of cabernet. It has been quite a nice evening all in all. The only thing to make it better? The episode of "Shark Week" in the background.

The hubs and I are somewhat addicted to the nature shows. Where other's TIVO and buy season 1 through something-or-other on DVD, we buy nature shows. I have Jeff Corwin, Planet Earth, Shark Week series, Pre-historic Park, and a bonus episode of Myth Busters.

We decided that kids' lives are filled with episodes of things. Whether it's on the tube or DVD, and on the rare occasion video, that is the world they live in. We got jealous. Sometimes I am way too fucking darn tired to watch an entire movie. I WANT episodes-!! So what episodes do you enjoy. Why do you think it took me so long to stumble onto the joy of episodes? And.... Damn I want all of the Project Runways EVER!

Well way off track, no real rhyme and I don't have cable so I can't even get this season of PRW. What is wrong with my life? Well nothing other than that really. Hate it or Love it the Underdog's on Top!

PLGC -out

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NaBloPoMo and Bullets

Well, I have fallen into this NaBloPoMo thing so here is day one of posting to this blog everyday for the next month. What?! You say it is cheating to start NaBloPoMo in the middle of the month. Do you see how often I actually post to this blog? I think it will be a great exercise in daily writing for me. We'll see if I can keep it interesting.

Bulleted Updates by Persona:

  • Bebe Boy is so into whining right now. Well whining, screaming, bawling and whining some more. He is the King of fit throwers. Everything his sister has he wants and takes. How do you relay the concept of Don't take shit that isn't yours! It is as simple as that. Aside from wanting to tie him up hang him by his toes from the ceiling I am handling it the best I can. I do occasionally scream into a pillow but I am sure it is just a phase. Please for the love of all that is mommy say it is a phase!

  • Bebe Girl has been sick for the past couple of days. She came to my bed Tuesday at 3am from a bad dream. Just as I pull her in for a quick snuggle I briefly register the word puke. We were cleaning the trail to the bathroom for a good half hour. She was extra bummed because we had to miss a field trip to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. I tried to convince her that since her Auntie was married there (BG was 1 1/2 at the time) that we really didn't need to see it again. Alas another visit is in my near future.

  • HD is slaving away since his promotion. It seems that once you out perform those around you then you are held to that high standard. He is damning himself for his lack of the lackadaisical attitudes his co-workers seem to thrive on. I must say that I am the lucky one. He gets thes kids ready and drops them at my Mom's 4 days of the week and has them all to himself on the 5th day. That short stint as a SAHD really helped him get a handle on butterfly pancakes and fruit smoothies.

  • Mamacita. Well I got the news today that it is "Business as Usual" at the job. I have been putting on a good front, the whole "Hell no I am not in the least bit worried about losing my job during the Holidays" sorta front. Now that it is on solid ground again "I am so freaking relieved to have a job during the holidays!" Well thats all for now I have 16 more days to go, gotta save it up.

Tomorrow's topic; learning to read.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The one where she almost uses a bad word.

So you absolutely know that things are awry when you are mad at the car in front of you for going the speed limit. When did I become this speed demon? Well the truth be told, I leave work for "lunch" at 12:05, my daughter has to be at the bus stop by 12:45, I have to drive across town to get her from my mom's house, I have to be back at work by 1:00. 55 minutes and some Mother ah,erm Fluffy Bunny Lover, in front of me has the audacity to go the speed limit. Ridiculous!

I feel like all I do these days is drive here, there and everywhere. Zooming to and from, I might as well be grover..."Near, far, over and under and through." I can't say that anything about my life is boring right now.

The job is always in peril, as my industry is a volatile one at best. BG is full of Parent teacher meetings, field trips and school pictures. The Madre is up to her own eyeballs in drama and the HD is work, work, work these days. Did I miss BB, one word FIT (not the popular European compliment). We flux in and out of a stress status, but somehow remain above it all.

I am finding myself strangely apathetic to the turmoil. I am as excited as I have ever been about the holidays. That could be because I am going to give a hand at these, and this and that too.

I am loving that Autumn has graced us with her presence and is making way for winter. What are you up to for the season? Are you getting ready for a jam packed holiday, or snuggling in for an afternoon movie. If you're like me your feeling the crafty bug which is so difficult to shrug off with all of this mindless commercialism going on around me. What is your favorite part about the November to December months?

Well peace, love and Petit Fours, -out

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Tiger & The Butterfly

So there they are my two cuties. The tiger and the butterfly made it one round of the trick or treating, now we're just trying to convince them that there definitely IS a Sugar Fairy. You know, the Sugar Fairy, the one that needs our candy for the sprites in Sugar Fairy land. Lame you say, well the Tiger and the Butterfly didn't fall for it either. Here's to sugar crash.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

disjointed crabcakes and other compound words...

So my HD wants some BJ action, and I am all up for the quickie, but other secretions...?

Oh that got your attention did it? Sorry to say folks but this is not a sex blog it IS a mommy blog so go find some bunny action elsewhere.

I am having a pre-K issue; issue meaning, I think my daughter's teacher is either on crack or doing triple shots of espresso every-freaking-hour. Really though she talks like 90 miles per minute and every time I ask her about a field trip I'm not sure if she gave me the date or said she'd call me later. It is worse than waiting for a one night stand to return your call.

So (the teacher) Miss D finally called me, at work by the way, and proceeded to put me on hold. For the 2 minutes I was on hold I imagined every possible mutilation that BG might be experiencing. The "sitch" pick your kid up 15 minutes early because Miss D has a meeting. WTF, then in real speak...What the Fuck!! (no kids around realization I could curse out loud).

Ahh the life of pre-K. I am also currently having a bout of the terrible twos. BB is determined to throw one hellacious fit the minute I walk through the door. He is an angel for grandma, decent for dad, good around strangers, and the spawn of evil for mommy.

I love my life, my kids, the pre-K crack addict, I really do. It keeps life, after my boring 50 hours a week, sane. If I didn't have the chaos I might get complacent and think this is actually a great place to get comfortable. I might forget that at the heart of it I am this crazy sorta hippie, completely bohemian artist. I might forget that I'd rather have my kids say "my mom was this crazy artist with integrity." vs "My mom the ops sup she worked a lot, and boy did we throw some parties..."

This blog is disjointed at best. I am in the process of evaluating being 30+ and deciding where to go from here. I'll try to be more intelligible later, until then Peace..Love..Green Chile and Crab Cakes (MD style). -out

Friday, October 05, 2007

If you see my reflection...

"can I handle the seasons' of my life?"...

"time makes you bolder and children get older, well I'm getting older too."...

I just can't listen to this song the same way that I did when I was 25. Does seven years really make that much of a difference? I guess my answer would be yes. If you had asked me then if I would be a working mom in a dual income family I would have said.."Fuck no, I'm not ever having kids." woah-hoho look at me now.

Then: Age 25, Charm City, had the "hook up" (aka Larry, guitar strings, and zucchini) happily married, crazy fun, especially when entertaining larry and alcohol. This is the kind of code I spoke in then, it made perfect sense to me.

Now: Age 32, kids (aka BG and BB) happily married to HD, still fun not-so-crazy, especially with the occasional glass of red wine or a beer. This is the kind of code I speak in now, and it makes no sense.

Where will I be at 45 and 52? Will I have developed yet another code, jargon language that seem sensible and senseless at the same time? I certainly don't have the answer to that right now, but I can't wait to find out! Imagine living forever, what then? Man oh man what an adventure.

"I took my love, I took it down, Climbed a mountain and I turned around"...

"Can the child within my heart rise above?"...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mamacita says...

Mamacita Caliente says: "Better to be a bad mommy blogger than a bad mommy."

Ok so it has been a while since I have set anything down on these pages. Where do I start? Well BG loves school, her exact words "mom, school is fun but we don't really learn stuff we just get to play, and thats okay don't you think?" Uhm, yeah I do think!

I had my first parent teacher conference yesterday and am pleased to report that BG has only 2 outstanding issues; 1. She doesn't clean up when it is time (honestly can't say I was surprised by this one), she likes to dance to the clean up song and ignore her teacher, hmmm, 2. She really spends a lot of time washing her hands. Well I am not putting her into therapy just yet, though we may have to keep an eye on that hand-washing thing!

We have a saying around our house "if it isn't crazy and chaotic then it wouldn't be our life." Well we have been trying to hold up our end of that bargain. I have been ecstatic to be a stay at home mom again, well minus the screaming fits that my two year old has perfected (but only when I am on the phone, in public, or trying to think through a blog). It has taken me just shy of three months to adjust to this stay at home role. So what do I go and do? I am going back to work.

The company that so graciously laid me off three months ago came back with a job offer. I know you all probably think I am a glutton for punishment, but they made an offer I couldn't refuse on an account that has a contract guaranteed for the next 6 months. They are going to work with my schedule let me take BG to school and I get off in time to pick her up. Here is the point where I take back anything I ever said about my Mom, and kiss her feet for agreeing to watch my little "angels" for a few hours each day.

I feel like a Rat's ass. Yup, I know that going back to work, at least as far as my pocket book, bill collectors, and the upcoming holiday's go, is a good idea. I just feel like I am failing somehow. Maybe not so much failing as kicking myself for not appreciating the last three month's more. Gack! Here's is the part where my diatribe turns to mush and I start crying and carrying on. Hey I feel better already.

I am up and down but determined to enjoy the ride. As my M-I-L likes to put it "kids are resilient little stinkers" so I know they'll be fine. Mommy on the other hand, well y'all know I'll be a basket case. It will be interesting being a two income family, we'll have to make sure and appreciate the down time, and I sure as hell won't be the only one doing the dishes! PLGC -out

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Separation Anxiety & the Hokey Pokey

My head is spinning, this time next week Saturday morning cartoons will have a whole new meaning. Ok, so maybe I am over exaggerating, but weekends in general will have a new feel. My Bebe Girl and her 4 year old self will be starting pre-K.

The Pre-K program here is supposed to be one of the best in the country. "Pre-K and Early Head Start Programs Enhance Children's Development" you can find out information regarding these programs nation wide at Education Atlas.

That little factoid does not stop me from being more nervous than a mouse in a rattlesnake cage! My baby is going to school! I am having some severe separation anxiety. Okay, okay so it is only 3 hours a day in the afternoon, 5 days a week. Wait that's like 15 independent from mommy hours, wowsa! Well really I am going to be pretty active as a volunteer parent. I plan on going to every field trip, and special event. How can I not. Well only 15-16 more years of this, (and that's not including college for both kids).

It's not like I am traveling to an alternate dimension to which no mommy has traveled before, I know that. Don't judge, just let this mommy have some anxiety, and then after I drop BG off I'll do the hokey pokey and turn myself around, because that is what it is all about. PLGC -out

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crabs & Bedtime Business

MMMMM Crab, even better than that,Cream of Crab soup, with a dash of sherry 'cause it totally makes it you know. Also if you run out of the wine you paired with dinner you can fall back on that 18% proof and shit. So I would like to thank this mama right here for the fabulous soup recipe! I lived in Charm city (aka Baltimore) for two years. I miss CRAB, i miss crab cakes, Maryland style crab soup, cream of crab soup, soft shell crab, oh wait not so much. Anything besides the soft shell is fair game.

I lived in a row home in Fell's Point. I could literally walk out my door and see Obryki's. If you don't know you better ask somebody.!! I also made these awesome rockin' stuffed pasta shells. Stuffed with homegrown purple bells peppers, roma tomatoes, Lump Crab from Phillips and lots n lots of cheese(5 to be exact) and of course heavy cream.

Well here I am probably five pounds heavier, feeling nostalgic for my 20's and all of the bars in Fell's Point. Alas it is time for bedtime business. Those fans of Blue's Clues know this requires a toilet, pj's and some brushing of the teeth. I am too stuffed and too pooped for bath time. Hasta Y'all. Peace love and Cream of Crab! -out

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to tha 'Hood

There was a show called House Party hosted by Art Linkletter from 1952-1970 that had the funniest segment called Kids Say the Darndest Things. Bill Cosby tried to recreate the hilarity from 1998-2000 with this show based on that segment. Books were published. So forgive me but I am gonna catch a ride on that wave people.

My daughter is quite the charmer and very outspoken considering that she is only 4. I know I sound like I am bragging, but there are days when my eyes glaze and I imagine a land where kid's mouths have zippers. Yesterday and this morning BG decided to share a couple of gems.

Scenario 1: Eating Pita Pocket sandwiches.
BG says "Mom I never liked peter pockets, but now I love peter pockets!" Can somebody please tell me when polly got a brother?

Scenario 2: We're eating dinner at my mother's house.

BG is talking...BB is saying everything she says, only a split second behind. My mom is trying to be serious and not laugh and then BG says "Mom I want to take Brother back to the baby store, 'cause he's ick-noxious." "I want to be alone and he never leaves me alone." HD and I shared a look, my mom broke a smile.

Scenario 3: Me, BG, BB driving home from the park.

BG made a couple of friends at the park. As we are driving home she says "Mom those girls live in the park neighborhood." BB says in his let's mimic big sis sorta way " Yeah I'm live in neighborhood too." BG then replies "NOOOOO brother, you live in the child 'hood."

Welcome to tha 'Hood?! PLGC-Out

Monday, August 13, 2007

Show-er Time, Oh yeah.

Last night I totally did that move from Bring it on, you know the one that Whitney had Missy do? What you don't know, come on tell me you didn't LOVE Bring it On. Ok so maybe I am the only one and a little pathetic, but I so did that move. "Front handspring step out, round-off back hand spring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout" and I rocked it, way better than Missy ever could have, LOL.
Now why would I execute a move like that, in the bathroom no less? My beautiful, lovely brilliant daughter took a shower, by..her..self! I know a shower no big deal right? Well my little princess has this terrifying fear of water getting into her eyes. Since we had our fabulous trip to the the rockin' Corrales Pool, she has been over it. In her words "hey mom I got my head in the water and now I want to take showers". Uhm, ok, I am very supportive of your decision, and are you sure, really a SHOWER!!
She was a shower pro. I finally had to set the timer just to get her out. It turns out she is also one of those who likes to sport a tune in the shower. She didn't know I was listening but I am still humming along to "Oh yeah I am such a big girl, I got a shower, and I got a bar of soap, and a puff ball, big giiiirl. Oh Yeah!" Look out American Idol here we come.
She informed me that she is gonna take a shower every night and every morning. We'll see if Mamacita can handle that, but hey who's complaining, certainly not me. "Front handspring step out, round-off back hand spring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout" Oh YEEEEAHHH! PLGC-out

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunburn city and other musings.

We are living in Sun Burn City! I think if this well reputed sunscreen says SPF 50 and water proof then it uhm, well it should be. (I did reapply before the stated two hours, and after a dip in the pool) We went to the pool yesterday, completely covered in sunscreen. The water was temperate, BG was playing with friends, and BB was clinging to me for dear life. I was considering getting ready to leave because BB wasn't having any fun and then he says "get in big bathtub?" Meaning he wanted to get back in and try again. He went from don't put me down to, hey you crazy lady can't you see I can do this myself. So we stayed.
We decided to take a break to have some watermelon. I noticed that BG was looking pink. So I dried her off and re-applied the sunscreen. I slathered the three of us once more, but it was already too late. We splashed around for another hour or so and headed home. By the time we settled in for the night the three of us were wincing into our pj's.
This was the first sunburn for both of them and I am feeling like the worst mom on the planet. Yes I made the efforts, but those weren't enough. I imagine that I should be some super mom -da.da.da! Able to block sun-rays in a single bound, able to turn the swimming pool floor into pillows and avoid those nasty scrapes. Alas, I am just mom, yes Caliente too, but mom all the same.
Beyond the sunburns, and scrapes we had an absolute blast. It hits like me like a brick how much I love my family. I woke up today sunburned and bouncy, maybe a bit manic but in a good way. I would totally do anything to move us forward and keep us happy. The superfluous concerns just fade.
On another note, I got a call from my ex-boss. She is in the running for a job in Taos. She said that if she was brought on, she'd want me there with her. Did I mention TAOS! I love Taos, NM. I was there for the first time last week on a car delivery with HD. It was so-freaking-awesome! The air was fresh, it was green, vibrant and artsy. I know It's just me dreaming again, but without dreams... HD has also received a job offer, though not the money he is looking for , so he is entering the negotiations faze.
Whatever happens I am sure it will be interesting. We tend to be a bit bohemian like that. I worry about what an abrupt change will do to the kids, then again. In these last 2 years we have gone from running a Frame Shop and Art Gallery where we could bring the kids to work, to Mommy working and Daddy staying at home, back to Daddy working and Mommy staying at home. My kiddos seem remarkably well adjusted, so maybe I should be less worried about that and excited about the changes in our future.
Well thanks for tuning in, any changes happening in your lives? Have a wonderful weekend! PLGC -out

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Self reflection, & maybe an expletive

What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I missing some uber secret mommy/wife/female/human gene that allows for good housekeeping and motivation to do such said? Every morning when I wake up I swear that this is the day, this will be the one where I get it all right. Then 8:00 p.m. rolls around, HD is heading home and nothing is done, Again.
I don't even make excuses anymore. I just don't do what I know I need to. I would love to say the kids keep me too occupied, but most of the time they do a pretty good job entertaining each other. I feel like I am always whining in these blogs, like I need to get a life, and entertain you with something more amusing than my shit rabble.
I am completely honored to be a wife and mother, yet I feel like I purposely screw it up on a daily basis. I am asking the hubs to work so that I can stay at home, but thus far I don't feel I have done my part. Anyone out there dealing with this? I know most will think that I am stressed and depressed, but dammit I don't want to hear that. I don't want to make excuses anymore, I just want to pick up the pieces and roll on. It is time to suck it up already! Get your stuff together Mamacita! Get it together.
I feel like I have taken this year long hiatus off into someone else's life. When I was living crazy and irresponsible everything was great, somehow this responsible adult me just isn't getting it. Yeah so maybe I stopped pursuing my loves, and dreams. Maybe I did settle a little to quickly for the easy corporate climb, [a perilous, shit-paying climb at that].
So I am back to making lists, back to planning, back to being a little more me. This week is almost up, and it is time to give myself three things. 1. Get the Kids room cleaned, disinfected, and organized. 2. Create a work space of my own for sculpting, writing, blogging, and painting. 3. Find out how to move forward with the department of Ed. so that I can get back into school (and do what I want).
"I think it is time to be career thinking, not job thinking. " HD said this to me on Sunday night. I had thought that we were career focused but it was not the path that we wanted, we weren't walking in our own shoes. So here we go folks, holding my breath, jumping in, remembering that I am old enough to know how young I really am! Oh, and if I wake up tomorrow morning then I am not dead. PLGC-out

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mmmm. French Toast

When I was a kid my mom made this amazing batter dipped French Toast. She would cut the bread slices in half to create rectangles instead of triangles. She then battered and fried them mmmmmm. I remember that this meal was always a much anticipated treat. Pancakes and waffles didn't hold a candle to that french toast.
Well yesterday it was way to early to call my mom for the recipe, so I hopped on-line to give google a whirl. I stumbled across this recipe for Batter Dipped French Toast from Kansas State University . What a find!
I cut the bread into rectangles and totally had a childhood moment. BG and BB were solidly impressed and proceeded to eat seconds, yes SECONDS! That does not happen a lot in this house, and as you know getting BB to eat anything that is not a tortilla was well worth it. I also managed to sneak in some sausage, yea me. The other reason that I recommend this recipe is that it re-heats extremely well in the toaster oven. It turned out nice and crispy.
Well who knew I could rattle on about french toast ad nauseam, but I did. Please share any recipes that your brood loves, or that just take you back. Thanks for tuning in, PLGC-out

Friday, July 13, 2007


Tortillas, manna, nectar of the Gods... Well it is the only thing my very picky 2year old seems to want. Wrap it in a tortilla and you are golden, put it on a plate without one, well. Anyone else out there with a picky eater? plgc, share if you read this .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm Back. Did you miss me? No, ok well I understand, if I relied on my blog for self confidence then I'd be completely screwed. I have gone from climbing the corporate ladder to being the layoff queen. Yup laid Off, but only after I had to lay off almost 200 hundred peeps my damn self!
I find I am quite enjoying, though having to adjust a bit, to being back at home. The Hubs is selling cars of all things, I guess we will see how it goes. The kids are these awsome lil' beings who roll with the punches. I will let y'all know how it flows later. PLGC!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where to start?

Hello all, it has been a while. From the numbers I can see that I have a few lurkers, welcome. I don't update enough to deserve your comments, but i appreciate the visits. It seems my life has fast tracked right past me. I told y'all about my promotion, well that was aeons ago. I am now the operations supervisor (yes another fancy title without the fancy pay) on a whole new account. They did send me and a group of yahoos to LA for a week. I'd love to say that I had fun, except for the fact that I was constantly working or sleeping.
Okay, the true juicy, I did go to "the club" on my birthday Feb 14. We went to a club called Priveledge in Santa Monica (I think). A couple of guys I work with got swindled out of an indecent amount of cash to get us in, but I had fun. I didn't really indulge in the alcohol, I prefer to slowly partake and observe. I took pictures, i am now officially capable of blackmailing co-workers. I love my life!
I missed my kids so much! i didn't expect to become this lame, not up for the party mama, but here I am. The frustrating part was that they had a cold the whole time I was gone. I know they were being cared for, but nothing surpasses mommy TLC. I missed HD too, but coming home was so sweet! enough said.
I feel like I am becoming this crazed work-aholic. I come a little early, stay a little late. Can someone please tell me when I became a grownup? Anybody??
The BB is rapidly moving towards those terrible twos. Since my daughter really only had the Tyrannic threes, I am in a whole new territory. Th boy likes to hit, bite, pinch, throw himself prostrate on the floor, you name it. Then he turns on the charm. "I sowwy" it gets me every time. BG is becoming such a Big Girl. She is reigning in the tantrums, and becoming quite the sweetheart. Thank goodness, since we are dealing with above said BB madness.
Well it is late, and I am beat, off to the grind in the A.M. PLGC

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year

Well Y'all, how's this symbolic do-over treating you so far? I am a pretty happy camper 8 days into the new year. The hubs and I have already sported one date night, and all it cost was a six pack and some cigs. Yes, grandma has her vices but we love her! The kids have been through some adjustment to our new schedule, but we're all settling in. HD has been tending Bar at night, and I am holding down that 'not so fancy' title during the day. I really am enjoying the job, which seems absurd. I do work way too much. However, to my credit I leave the house before anyone wakes up, and I am home early enough to make everyone happy.

Bebe boy is picking up words a mile a minute! He is mister mimic these days. While it is the cutest thing ever the whole cursing thing has got to go. I would love to blame HD. but my potty mouth deserves a whole bar of lifeboy. Bebe Girl is on and off with the whole defiant act these days. On the whole she has been a real sweetheart, 3 going on 30, but a sweetheart just the same. HD well he is HOT! These days we really do seem to be connecting on a better level. Things got rough in '06, I am sooo loving '07.

For those of you now missing from my limited blog links... It's not that I don't love you, it's that I tried to access your sites and was bounced out. I need credit repair as much as the next girl, but come on! So if ya get it fixed let me know. I know being a part of my feeble link list is not exactly a hi-light, but more readers for you, eh?

Well Y'all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Peace, Love, and Green Chile! Oh and more snow! (un-like most burque'ans) I AM LOVIN IT! let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.