Sunday, October 29, 2006

F-bombs and the 'Burque

So Dallas is on the verge of a blow-out with North Carolina, my picks for the week are officially screwed! Oh, I haven't previously mentioned my insane football passion? I didn't drop any clues to my not-so-secret love of the Ravens and the Packers? Well now you know my dirty little secret. Both of my teams are WINNERS this Sunday! golly, any given sunday and all that.

Any-freaking-way (trying to curb the f-bomb habit) Last night my brilliant wanna be g-thug neighbors had a party. The music was booming, and I overlooked it. The gun shots and people jumping my fence, well 911 was dialed rather quickly. My Neighbor is thirty-fucking-one years old {fucking f-bomb}!! He has a 2 year old, he sells drugs, I am so done. I am way to old to be dealing with this type of shit. That is how it is in the Burque.

Y'all wonder why I want out of this "beautiful" desert? It is always this way. I have a 9 year old GIANT wolf-rot-shepherd cross (NM Mutt) because we were always getting broken in to. It didn't matter what part of the cityyou live in, even my mother has expereinced meth labs and drive by's. How is it in your burg? Is the US really going to HELL in a Handbasket? What do you think?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Material Girl?

Really can't we just leave Madonna alone. Hell I think I'd give her my kids, considering the life and privelidge they'd have. It really seems to me that the whole adoption controversy, is way to politically about Malawi for me. What do you think. Is it too easy for people of "power" (meaning money) to adopt? I really think if you can afford to then you should do it. Why pro-create when you could support someone who needs you? If I am ever in a place where it would be monetarily concievable... I would do it too, just not in Malawi. I think maybe for just this once we should cut Madonna a break. I mean if you want to criticize the woman, there is way more to focus on than a kid who is gonna have a kick ass life.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who Fucking Cares?

So I am not sure really what I am in the mood to blog right now. I am having my fourth beer and a good dose of anxiety. I haven't quite reached the point in my blogging that I can put it all out there, but it is there. I would love to just be this self righteous perfect mommy, But... There really is just so much shit going on right now. I am not quite sure what I need to do to get my fucking head straight. This is a nice outlet because, I can be a bit obtuse and vent. You are probably reading this and saying What The FUCK? Is she saying anything? Is she saying nothing? i am listening to some Masta Ace, which is floating my mood, and I am writing shit. Maybe I should start a bitch blog, one where I don't mention the loves of my life, and just talk about the SHIT! The shit that you feel like you want to keep to yourself, but blog to the world. to quote Masta Ace, these are the type of bitches I hate. I know that I am making no sense to your mommy blog world. I am having an off the wall evening. I really do love y'all, and I promise to blog more cuddly snuggly mommy shit soon. Hell it might even be coherant. Maybe not. who fucking cares.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

when i'm done with thinking..

Howdy Y'all. Well here I am and there you are, and we're still here. Life is a fickle bitch, but I'm a bigger bitch so I guess that's ok. BB is sitting in his highchair eating a glo-ball (the halloween version of a snoball) My husband is a SUCKER! Me TOO! Bg is mad because she hasn't finished her dinner yet, thus she is behind on the dessert front. Mundane yet beautiful eh? Work is moving and grooving, I have my own space. What more can ya ask for? I just wanted to drop something in for those of you that tune in. Delurk, drop me a comment, pathetic I know. I really could use the boost. plgc