Tuesday, June 24, 2008

because i said so.

So circa 1992, me, my my Mom (hummingbird) and my sister (panda) went to a Crystal Gayle concert. Not only was she the sister of Loretta Lynne, but she had another sister who sang duets. So at that concert I was your classic 1990-something Albuquerque skater girl. you know, floral print body suit, snap at the crotch and WAY TOO baggy pants, ala my boyfriend Tito. Internet I am sharing a truth here. My boy friend's name was in fact. Tito.

Anyway, I lost my train of thought. I worked, and have a co-worker who is about to send me off the deep end, It is kind of like Mommy Law BITCH!! "BeCause I SaiD SO DAMMIT! So folks I cried a bit to night, but I am apparently back on my game, so.
-PLCG out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

mean girls

So the grieving process, yeah me and you internet are not gonna talk about that so much. So anyway...

I was flipping through the late night options, you know; food network, discovery channel, animal planet. Then I stumbled onto this. Is it just me or is Denise Richards exactly as you'd imagined she'd be?

Did you know that the following about an American Toad's lifespan?

"In the wild most American toads probably don't survive more than a year or two. The majority die before transforming from tadpoles into toadlets. However, they are capable of living much longer. Some toads have lived longer than 10 years in the wild. There is a documented account of a captive toad that lived to the ripe old age of 36 and was killed by mistake."
(Dickerson, 1906; Harding, 1997; Oliver, 1955)

Still watching the train wreck that is Denise...

So anyone out there ever been through the terrible twos? My son has me at my wits end. He "hates" this and that and me and tv and broccoli and,,and,,and. Don't get me started on pedialyte, as it truly spawned the "i hate" phase.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rest in Peace

Are you walking now? What do you think? I love you little brother. Thank you for all that you brought into my life, a piece of my heart goes with you.