Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crabs & Bedtime Business

MMMMM Crab, even better than that,Cream of Crab soup, with a dash of sherry 'cause it totally makes it you know. Also if you run out of the wine you paired with dinner you can fall back on that 18% proof and shit. So I would like to thank this mama right here for the fabulous soup recipe! I lived in Charm city (aka Baltimore) for two years. I miss CRAB, i miss crab cakes, Maryland style crab soup, cream of crab soup, soft shell crab, oh wait not so much. Anything besides the soft shell is fair game.

I lived in a row home in Fell's Point. I could literally walk out my door and see Obryki's. If you don't know you better ask somebody.!! I also made these awesome rockin' stuffed pasta shells. Stuffed with homegrown purple bells peppers, roma tomatoes, Lump Crab from Phillips and lots n lots of cheese(5 to be exact) and of course heavy cream.

Well here I am probably five pounds heavier, feeling nostalgic for my 20's and all of the bars in Fell's Point. Alas it is time for bedtime business. Those fans of Blue's Clues know this requires a toilet, pj's and some brushing of the teeth. I am too stuffed and too pooped for bath time. Hasta Y'all. Peace love and Cream of Crab! -out

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to tha 'Hood

There was a show called House Party hosted by Art Linkletter from 1952-1970 that had the funniest segment called Kids Say the Darndest Things. Bill Cosby tried to recreate the hilarity from 1998-2000 with this show based on that segment. Books were published. So forgive me but I am gonna catch a ride on that wave people.

My daughter is quite the charmer and very outspoken considering that she is only 4. I know I sound like I am bragging, but there are days when my eyes glaze and I imagine a land where kid's mouths have zippers. Yesterday and this morning BG decided to share a couple of gems.

Scenario 1: Eating Pita Pocket sandwiches.
BG says "Mom I never liked peter pockets, but now I love peter pockets!" Can somebody please tell me when polly got a brother?

Scenario 2: We're eating dinner at my mother's house.

BG is talking...BB is saying everything she says, only a split second behind. My mom is trying to be serious and not laugh and then BG says "Mom I want to take Brother back to the baby store, 'cause he's ick-noxious." "I want to be alone and he never leaves me alone." HD and I shared a look, my mom broke a smile.

Scenario 3: Me, BG, BB driving home from the park.

BG made a couple of friends at the park. As we are driving home she says "Mom those girls live in the park neighborhood." BB says in his let's mimic big sis sorta way " Yeah I'm live in neighborhood too." BG then replies "NOOOOO brother, you live in the child 'hood."

Welcome to tha 'Hood?! PLGC-Out

Monday, August 13, 2007

Show-er Time, Oh yeah.

Last night I totally did that move from Bring it on, you know the one that Whitney had Missy do? What you don't know, come on tell me you didn't LOVE Bring it On. Ok so maybe I am the only one and a little pathetic, but I so did that move. "Front handspring step out, round-off back hand spring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout" and I rocked it, way better than Missy ever could have, LOL.
Now why would I execute a move like that, in the bathroom no less? My beautiful, lovely brilliant daughter took a shower, by..her..self! I know a shower no big deal right? Well my little princess has this terrifying fear of water getting into her eyes. Since we had our fabulous trip to the the rockin' Corrales Pool, she has been over it. In her words "hey mom I got my head in the water and now I want to take showers". Uhm, ok, I am very supportive of your decision, and are you sure, really a SHOWER!!
She was a shower pro. I finally had to set the timer just to get her out. It turns out she is also one of those who likes to sport a tune in the shower. She didn't know I was listening but I am still humming along to "Oh yeah I am such a big girl, I got a shower, and I got a bar of soap, and a puff ball, big giiiirl. Oh Yeah!" Look out American Idol here we come.
She informed me that she is gonna take a shower every night and every morning. We'll see if Mamacita can handle that, but hey who's complaining, certainly not me. "Front handspring step out, round-off back hand spring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout" Oh YEEEEAHHH! PLGC-out

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunburn city and other musings.

We are living in Sun Burn City! I think if this well reputed sunscreen says SPF 50 and water proof then it uhm, well it should be. (I did reapply before the stated two hours, and after a dip in the pool) We went to the pool yesterday, completely covered in sunscreen. The water was temperate, BG was playing with friends, and BB was clinging to me for dear life. I was considering getting ready to leave because BB wasn't having any fun and then he says "get in big bathtub?" Meaning he wanted to get back in and try again. He went from don't put me down to, hey you crazy lady can't you see I can do this myself. So we stayed.
We decided to take a break to have some watermelon. I noticed that BG was looking pink. So I dried her off and re-applied the sunscreen. I slathered the three of us once more, but it was already too late. We splashed around for another hour or so and headed home. By the time we settled in for the night the three of us were wincing into our pj's.
This was the first sunburn for both of them and I am feeling like the worst mom on the planet. Yes I made the efforts, but those weren't enough. I imagine that I should be some super mom -da.da.da! Able to block sun-rays in a single bound, able to turn the swimming pool floor into pillows and avoid those nasty scrapes. Alas, I am just mom, yes Caliente too, but mom all the same.
Beyond the sunburns, and scrapes we had an absolute blast. It hits like me like a brick how much I love my family. I woke up today sunburned and bouncy, maybe a bit manic but in a good way. I would totally do anything to move us forward and keep us happy. The superfluous concerns just fade.
On another note, I got a call from my ex-boss. She is in the running for a job in Taos. She said that if she was brought on, she'd want me there with her. Did I mention TAOS! I love Taos, NM. I was there for the first time last week on a car delivery with HD. It was so-freaking-awesome! The air was fresh, it was green, vibrant and artsy. I know It's just me dreaming again, but without dreams... HD has also received a job offer, though not the money he is looking for , so he is entering the negotiations faze.
Whatever happens I am sure it will be interesting. We tend to be a bit bohemian like that. I worry about what an abrupt change will do to the kids, then again. In these last 2 years we have gone from running a Frame Shop and Art Gallery where we could bring the kids to work, to Mommy working and Daddy staying at home, back to Daddy working and Mommy staying at home. My kiddos seem remarkably well adjusted, so maybe I should be less worried about that and excited about the changes in our future.
Well thanks for tuning in, any changes happening in your lives? Have a wonderful weekend! PLGC -out

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Self reflection, & maybe an expletive

What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I missing some uber secret mommy/wife/female/human gene that allows for good housekeeping and motivation to do such said? Every morning when I wake up I swear that this is the day, this will be the one where I get it all right. Then 8:00 p.m. rolls around, HD is heading home and nothing is done, Again.
I don't even make excuses anymore. I just don't do what I know I need to. I would love to say the kids keep me too occupied, but most of the time they do a pretty good job entertaining each other. I feel like I am always whining in these blogs, like I need to get a life, and entertain you with something more amusing than my shit rabble.
I am completely honored to be a wife and mother, yet I feel like I purposely screw it up on a daily basis. I am asking the hubs to work so that I can stay at home, but thus far I don't feel I have done my part. Anyone out there dealing with this? I know most will think that I am stressed and depressed, but dammit I don't want to hear that. I don't want to make excuses anymore, I just want to pick up the pieces and roll on. It is time to suck it up already! Get your stuff together Mamacita! Get it together.
I feel like I have taken this year long hiatus off into someone else's life. When I was living crazy and irresponsible everything was great, somehow this responsible adult me just isn't getting it. Yeah so maybe I stopped pursuing my loves, and dreams. Maybe I did settle a little to quickly for the easy corporate climb, [a perilous, shit-paying climb at that].
So I am back to making lists, back to planning, back to being a little more me. This week is almost up, and it is time to give myself three things. 1. Get the Kids room cleaned, disinfected, and organized. 2. Create a work space of my own for sculpting, writing, blogging, and painting. 3. Find out how to move forward with the department of Ed. so that I can get back into school (and do what I want).
"I think it is time to be career thinking, not job thinking. " HD said this to me on Sunday night. I had thought that we were career focused but it was not the path that we wanted, we weren't walking in our own shoes. So here we go folks, holding my breath, jumping in, remembering that I am old enough to know how young I really am! Oh, and if I wake up tomorrow morning then I am not dead. PLGC-out

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mmmm. French Toast

When I was a kid my mom made this amazing batter dipped French Toast. She would cut the bread slices in half to create rectangles instead of triangles. She then battered and fried them mmmmmm. I remember that this meal was always a much anticipated treat. Pancakes and waffles didn't hold a candle to that french toast.
Well yesterday it was way to early to call my mom for the recipe, so I hopped on-line to give google a whirl. I stumbled across this recipe for Batter Dipped French Toast from Kansas State University . What a find!
I cut the bread into rectangles and totally had a childhood moment. BG and BB were solidly impressed and proceeded to eat seconds, yes SECONDS! That does not happen a lot in this house, and as you know getting BB to eat anything that is not a tortilla was well worth it. I also managed to sneak in some sausage, yea me. The other reason that I recommend this recipe is that it re-heats extremely well in the toaster oven. It turned out nice and crispy.
Well who knew I could rattle on about french toast ad nauseam, but I did. Please share any recipes that your brood loves, or that just take you back. Thanks for tuning in, PLGC-out