Wednesday, May 31, 2006

photo addendum to previous blog

the water-works & heart-attack in action!

same ole' same ole'

Hi Y'all. I am officially done with training and am now working. I quite like it. The time flies, and I get to be with the kids during the day. I also get to come home for an hour at dinner, so I see them before bed time too.

Bebe girl is beginning to grate a nerve with her tears on demand. Anytime she doesn't get her way, or thinks she might be in trouble, waterworks! It is hard to not give in when she seems so sad. There are times when I want to scream louder, be madder, throw her out the window. Don't get up in arms, I don't. These are just fleeting emotions due to my lack of control of the situation. Are all 3 year olds this way? Don't get me wrong, she can also be the absolute cutest fucking thing on the planet, I just can't seem to recall those times during her tantrums.

Bebe boy is almost walking, and climbing on everything. I seriously think he is trying to give me a premature heart attack! He is also picking up some quite bad habits from his sister. No, is a word to be laughed at and scream if you don't get your way. I wish life were really that simple.

All in all I can't seem to write an interesting blog lately to save my life, but I am working on it. Perhaps when I settle into this new routine it will get a bit better. Well I am off to drink a beer and veg out with HD.

"peace love and green chile y'all!"

Monday, May 22, 2006

get on the bus...

It seems as if there are a few in my blogosphere having some tough luck right now. What is going on in the world that decent intelligent people can't score fitting jobs? It pisses me off that people who bad-mouth, express ignorance, and are all around bi-atches seem to be moving right on ahead of those of us who actually deserve it. There are just some days when I wake up thinking I should just give up and stay in bed. Don't get me wrong most of the time I wake up and want to take on all the mother-fuckers that like to keep me in my place. Truly though, in the words of Carlos Mencia "I am NOT stopping the bus!"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Long time no blog...

Hey Y'all, I am just going to do the bulleted update thing.

*Potty Training is a SUCCESS! Big Girl Underwear ROCKS!
*I have a new job, and it is a 5 minute commute vs. 45, YEE motherfuckin' HA!!
*HD might have a new job on the line too.
*Bg had a low key #3

Wow, I guess y'all haven't missed very much. I like my new job much better than the last. The kids are both recovering from a stomach bug, nothing like projectile vomit to make a weekend off tons of fun. They got over it pretty quickly though. Well my Tamale pie is done, and as much as I've missed you guys....