Thursday, December 29, 2005

Late night, post holiday blues...

Well one holiday down and one to go. I can't say that it has been too exciting. The kids are of course thrilled with the bogs of junk they received, and so are we. Well to an extent. I was just reading one of my favorite mommy-centric blogs,, and she recently broke two toes. While I cannot comisserate, my hubby aka [hot daddy] can! He broke his toe (the one right next to the pinky toe) last night on BG's new princess bike. As you can imagine much cursing ensued! He is laid up tonight playing some ps2 football extravaganza, as i am guilted into letting him do. You see it was my fault that the bike was in the middle of the floor. Anyway it has been an unusually busy week, more so than I expected. I definitely had more to say at this point, but am fuddled with a late night beer, and feel some things are my own to keep. I promise to regale you with humor in my next entry, until then...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Santa Claus is comin' to Town!

I am way too excited about christmas! BG, now firmly BIG Girl, as I was informed by her, she is not a bebe!! Anyway, BG is thouroughly greedy enough to understand, want and ask for presents. I just LOVE that! I can't wait for the flinging and ripping and tearing of wrapping paper. Bebe Boy could care less, but guilt over the insurmountable pile of toys his sister is getting made us buy an equal amount for him. We are definitely setting the bar way to high. Christmas future is sure to break the bank, but man what a way to break it. Hot Daddy and I struggled with even presenting the concept of christmas to our kids. 'Though we are truly secular beings, and felt in the end that our kids would not be the un-cool kids left out at christmas time. So too like all of the other kids in the world they will be dealt [eventually] the staggering blow. SANTA = YOUR PARENTS! We'll handle that when it comes. Until that fateful day it is so much FUN to see their shining faces ripping packages, and moving on to the next gift while under-appreciating the one they just opened.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

linking, playing, and other such things

Okay, so I attached this blogroll link, which I completely do not understand. So if you try to link to me using it I hope it works, if not, I am sure I'll figure it out at a later date. You see I am not quite a novice blogger, i've been blogging at my art site since september. I helped build that site, and the freeway program is much easier for my brain to comprehend, and create links with. However I think my readers there deserve a more art-centric blog, and I needed an outlet to unload my mommy-ness. So here I am. GAWD, this is already boring me to death, I can only imagine that your sitting there thinking, is this crazy bitch gonna say something interesting?! Okay, okay....
Bebe Girl and I were playing outside today, as it is unseasonably nice out. I didn't even realize how cooped up we were feeling until I was outside. I am no substitute for playing with other toddlers, but I score a mean touchdown when needed. Bebe girl has this motorized 4 wheel thingy, it goes like 2 mph. Pretty safe right? She has complette control with a push of a lil red button, and it pretty much only goes straight. Well she ran right into an old dead tree full of eye gouging branches. I am running & screaming "take your finger off the button", imagining that we'll be getting good use out of the pirate eye-patch from halloween. I pulled her off backwards, landed on my ass, and scared the shit out of both of us. She was fine, my behind, not so fine.
Next...BG has this foam basketball, it landed on a goathead (a nasty demon looking sticker found in the south west) and tore a hole in the side. BG says to me "Mama it's broken I will never ever play it again, lets give it to a new kid and I will get a new one." How generous! We have been sorting and giving some of our things to good-will to make way for christams booty. I am probably raising a certifiable spoiled brat, but....
Well now that we've all wasted a little chunk of our lives. I hope y'all are having a bit o' fun reading this. Oh, and until I can figure this linking thing out a couple of mommy blogs I really enjoy: and

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ah the joys of the Holidays

So after a visit to grandma's house, bebe girl decided that our plain red stockings (the cheap kind that you write the name on with glitter glue) weren't good enough. The stocking's at grandma's had pictures. I thought, okay I'm crafty (damn crafty!) and decided to do felt snowmen and a giant snowflake on the toe. I also thought it would be great bonding time for me and bebe girl. Well here we are two hours later, my hands sticky with glue, and two time-outs under our belts...but the stockings are done. They do look cute as can be, I'll give it that much. My advice, two year olds cannot handle so much glitter, glue, and felt all in one go. I think we'll stick to crayons and finger paint for just a bit longer. Ho.Ho.Ho!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Why Hot Mommy???

Okay, so your asking yourself why Hot Mommy? Well I promised myself that I would be one. When pregnant with my first I was hypertensive (bloated from head to toe). It was bigger than I had ever been in my life. It was then and there that I decided that after the baby was born I would reinvent myself. I would be Hot Mommy. Well two kids later (bebe girl is 2 1/2,and bebe boy is 5 mo) it is still a dream. Yes there are those days when showers are 3 days out, my hair is greasy, and I wouldn't be caught deadin public. I refuse to lay down and become a soap addicted velour sweatsuit wearing mama. So I've blogged it, so mote it be. hehehe. An in print challenge to myself to wake up every morning get dressed and be hot! I know that Hot Daddy will appreciate it, even if no-one else does. Of course now I just need to do the dishes, clean the bathroom, sort the laundry (which if you know me is a monumental task), change poopy diapers, potty train,kiss boo-boos, etc et al. Well I'll keep this as my first post, and we'll see if I can pull anything interesting out of my hat for next time.