Friday, February 01, 2008

Go to sleep DAMMIT!

My 2 year old is still awake. I guess that could mean I am a bad mom, but I really don't think so. I have pondered the day trying to remember if there was any sugar in it. I can account for my time and affirmatively say, no. He was with Dad for a few and G-ma another few, but they are both pretty aware of my son's reaction to sugar, so. What reaction you ask? Bat-Shit-Crazy! He's not exactly hyperactive just busy. Thus I think I can rule out the evil that is sugar.

CS brought the turtles some glow sticks home since they cleaned their room without a fuss and the kid has been playing with them for two hours straight. I am so getting his ass up early tomorrow, this is not a schedule I am going to make a habit of.

On other fronts the HD and myself are still working and whatnot, but we are coming up on a new sort of crunch! We have gotten a show at a local stomp and they want 35 pieces. So for us that means get your Asses in gear! We have to revamp the website, get some new work going and hopefully earn some extra cash in the process. I am secretly uber excited to have the additional motivation in my life. Oh wait I told y'all so I guess it's not so uber secret.

The band marches on...and on and on.