Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everything is GIANT!

Sitting here in this space, cat to the right, husband to the righter, right.  Chillin with Paul Luftenegger in the sound realm.  The Giants just took the pennant!  This means the 3rd World Series appearance in the 5 years we've been in the Bay.  It is such an amazing, energetic experience especially with the Winks in the mix.  Things are feeling Bright & Right!

It feels a little silly to be having so much fun, but isn't that the point.  My blogs are intermittent for you and world changing for me.  I might just be putting this out there to keep my own self in check, but it is working.."it's WORKING, stubbick, stubbick!"  (insert starwars episode 1 flashback here).  If i screwed the pooch on that one, well then my winks and the HD are the family nerds,  I'm living through osmosis.

On that note y'all, peace, love and soft fuzzy orange cats.

Hella East Bay Y'all!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Growing up y'all

It's been a while, and the road to hell... ES just started her own blog today.  Sixth grade apparently changes shit up, a whole fucking lot!  I'm impressed, disturbed, impressed and really feeling out of my technological element all at the same time.

This kid right here, my Melly B, she slays me.  Her reality consists of dystopian realities created by young adult authors, translated into multi social media platforms that I have yet to understand.  My Winks are getting there and really, really fast! Well y'all I guess it truly is...

Peace, Love and the Left Coast.  

Hella East Bay y'all!


Friday, January 31, 2014

looking forward...

Here I am, so far away from where I started.  Just so y'all know I am working my way back into writing/blogging/sharing.  I had some shit to deal with in the meantime and now... I'm on to the next one.  I will meet y'all back here soon I can't wait!