Saturday, January 28, 2006

babies & boobies

okay so my almost 3 year old is playing dress up. she managed to mangle a skirt into a shirt, but her front was showing. i said "honey why don't you slip on one of your shirts so your boobies won't show." she says "but i like my boobies showing, their so nice." future stripper? we'll see i guess. sometimes there is just no combatant to the 2 1/2 year old logic, none i say!
bebe boy is becoming quite adept at the raspberry, it is his favorite noise of late. he turned 7 months, 2 days ago, wow the time does fly. i happen to think he is a burgeoning genius. mommy bias? probably, but he has a few words, up..mamam, dada, get. all of the essentials no less. mommy brag alert!!
so that's my blurb for this evening, happy sunday, in this house anyway, it is the hubby's day off. Hot Damn!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Photo, Teeth, Swaddling, & Potty Training...

Well there they are, my two cuties. Some mornings I just want to eat them up. Bebe Boy finally cut a third tooth, unfortunately for my boobs he now has two bottoms and one top tooth, with absolutley no pressure control. The pacifier works intermittantly, but not when I need it most.

HD and I actually had the bed to ourselves until 4:30 am [last night/this morning], wow! I am still in shock that bb actually stayed asleep in his crib that long. I attempted a half ass swaddle last night, so maybe that was the key. He is 28" long though, and the baby blankets don't exactly get it done. Any suggestions? Also if anyone has some potty training advice, please share. Bebe Girl "gets" it about half the time, then she just reverts, and refuses to tell me when she has to go. HELP!

Well boring post today, but aren't my kiddos cute?! Okay, okay enough mommy gushing.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

stop that clicking....

"Stop that clicking mommy, or I'll throw my goulash at you." Seriously y'all my two year old said this to me. I was trying to finally update the blog on my art site, and this is what i get. To top that off my 6 mo old has been a cry factory today. I am typing one-handed and nursing, while trying to avoid his evil pinch of death, and hoping he doesn't bite me to boot! sorry for the run on sentence, but that sums it up. I really want to tell him to shut the fuck up, stop pinching, and behave!!, but we all know that won't work, so the boob it is. Seriously though. back to the pinch of death... This kid is lethal, and accurate, nipples, necks, and bare skin everywhere is either hard or breaking out in goose pimples. I did, at least, clip his nails today, unfortunately I cannot file down the teeth of doom.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

De-Lurk already!

So apparently it is national de-lurking week. So if your reading this, leave a comment. Love me, Hate me, is anyone even reading this tripe?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

When it's good, it's realy good!

Well when it's good, it's really good. bebe girl got to go to her favorite little friend's 3rd b-day party last night. Not only did it turn out to be a good event for the parental unit, but she had a blast! She can't stop taliking about how cool her friend is, and of course her friend's toys etc..etc. (Thank You! Cute Mama for the fun shindig..) To the point BG has been a doll baby today, -hooray!-, especially since it is the only day Hot Daddy has off. We practiced riding our bike, we took our gi-normous dog (8 year old NM mutt) for a walk to the park. Had a blast, to say the least. Mommy is feeling particularly mellow today. Anyway, boring post, HAPPY day! kidoos are being good, hubby is chill and nmommy is about to crack a beer! So seek peace, be happy, find wealth, and all of the crap in between. -out

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the velour sweatsuit addendum

this one is for you cute mama! I really liked your lavendar velour sweat suit the other day. i even thought, wow, i wish i could pull that off! so i wil revise my earlier statement. i refuse to become a chocolate covered sardine eatin' trash tv watchin mama. (i had to take out the soaps too, cuz lately i have been tuning into guiding light...gasp!) but only like every 3rd day or so. anyway, resist the hot mommy, if you dare!

Fluffy Bunny lover...

Well Happy New Year Y'all! We had such an exciting evening, hahaha! 2 movies, 2 screaming kids, and 2 adults tuning into to a rerun of the ball dropping in times square, we're in MST. Oh we did toast with a Sam Adams, yippeeeee. I am off to a bang up start this New Year...seriously, I seem to find anything and everything I can to avoid what I should be doing. Hot Daddy is still suffering from broken toes, bb seems to be running a tooth fever (i hope) his whole mouth seems as if it could erupt at any moment, and he already has 2 teeth. BG is asserting her will, I really want to slap her silly at times, but before you call child protective services, I only put her in time out. It really takes some restraint, but screaming into a pillow can be very helpful. Also we've created some new curse words, as the grandparents were getting a lil upset with our daughter's foul mouth. The new words...Lord love a duck (courtesy my hubby via his mom) and Fluffy bunny lover!!! courtesy me. I know ridiculous, but oddly satisfying. I am at a loss as how to handle this defiant side of my duaghter. She can really be such a little bitch, hmmm I wonder where she gets that from, -no not me, couldn't be me-. I am using time out as punishment, but the kid's got a crazy imagination, and doesn't seem to care. Then of course she's got the cute factor, which almost erases the defiance, almost. She'll be in the midst of trouble, screaming and crying, then "mommy you are soo beautiful, I need a hug." DAMNIT!!! So I give her the hug, I know, I know mixed signals for a two year old. Well i seem to have avoided a good 10 minutes of my life here, but it is a great way to voice my frustration. Who new public laundry airing could be so cathartic? Oh yeah, the ba-zillion other bloggers out there. Anyway, bb's crying, "FLUFFY BUNNY LOVER!!"