Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Lecture to myself, aka- take your own advice STUPID!!

Sometimes I think I am too busy giving advice to others. The truth is; it is time to kick my own butt and take the advice that I hand out. I am 33 and young enough to know that I am not even a small semblance of old. Time to take this puppy to another level!!

Don't stop following your dreams, the old cliche "it is hard to see the forest for the trees" is one that holds insurmountable truth. I think we get wrapped up in what "IS" our reality and forget that we had other ideas in the first place. In the end nothing holds us back but ourselves.

The excuses like; lack of money, depression, not enough time are just that. In the end no excuse is the truth, because if you don't try to follow your dreams, then nothing will ever become of them. They will become bitter regrets that color your present, dissolve your future and then you are just living in a non-existent past.

I am talking to myself here. sometimes if I blog my own lecture I can see it more clearly. So MC it is time, it is now and every minute you don't move forward stagnates and decays the life that you are living.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

16 days into training camp and...

Brett Favre is no longer a Packer. The saga is over. He played his hand and I am not quite sure it was a good one. I have been up and down about the whole fiasco, as my husband is a die-hard Packer Backer. I think that we are both glad it is over and now he has a new AFC fave. Me? I am all about Baltimore baby!!


A couple of beers and some other factors lead you to things like the last post. I am not sorry. I just need to think of more creative ways to use my vocabulary. Even I get bored with the F-word. The thing is I really can't use it around the house, lest I get judged on my next trip to the grocery store. Stay tuned, it could get interesting. Or I could drop off the planet for another bit. PLGC.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I am thinking that you have the wrong idea. You don't know me and you never will. I truly don't give a fuck if I piss you off, or if you read my fucking blog. I don't do this shit for you. I am starting to think that I should take a clue from one Rockstar and blow this pop stand. Mommy blogs are great to read, but I am bored as shit with writing one.

Anyway, how about Brett Favre? What?! don't you bitches know it's Football Season!