Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yea! i did It...

Okay y'all now you can check out some of my favorite blogs et al. The links are to the side, they are in no particular order. These are the ones I pretty much check in with when I can wrangle some kid free time, or whilst nursing. Enjoy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

so html and me, not so good.

Well y'all I have tried to create links to some of my favorite blogs. Alas html genius I ain't so... We will see how it turns out. Blogspot offers a handy dandy lil template, but I am not sure I even understand that. I will and can learn, I promise you, why??? Well because some of these blogs and sites are just to good to resist. I tried blogrolling, but as I do not have a single tech bone in my body, I failed miserably and gave it up.

Anyway, onto the preschool/toddler blues. When the hell did my toddler become a pre-scooler, and my infant become a toddler? It has happened, cripes! BB is only 8 months old and all over the place, BG was a pudgy little lump at this age. I am at a loss, is it just that boys are different from girls, or that kids are simply different from eachother? I'll adjust, after all I am quick witted like that. Hell I may even figure out this damn html thingy, uhm internet, umh crap, at some point. One can dare to dream, well can't she?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

She just goes on and on.

Wow, that last blog was a bit negative, to say the least. Sorry about that,I am just feeling a lil edgy lately. I am doing better now, I've taken a whole new approach to bebe girl. She is still acting as nutty as every almost 3 year old is apt to do, but mommy is more chill. We're even starting to get the potty thing down, well sort of. Also if you have any advice about toddlers and their desire to shove food up their nose, please pass it my way. BG has an obsession with it, and spitting, I try not to over-react because it seems to make it more fun.
Hot Daddy got a job interview, it is a bright spot on the horizon. It is such a new game to us, this waiting and the competitive job/career market. Running your own business for 3 years really takes you out of the loop. It certainly isn't like the college days, when you could get the most convenient retail or table waiting job. I mean I'd wait tables again in a second, if we needed it, but HD really has a career path in mind, and I want to support that. Well this post is starting to drag on. I guess I went from scaring you off with my potty mouth, to boring you to death. I can hear you right now, "Make her stop already!" Oh ok.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"R" rated post due to Strong Adult language

Kids are such a trip. Do you ever wake up in a panic in the middle of the night. Not just any old panic, but the kind of panic that makes your heart palipitate erratically with one thought surging through your brain...SHIT SHIT SHIT i have tiny little human beings, shit i have a toddler and an infant, SHIT how the FUCK did this happen to me. You know, that kind of panic. Who are these little beings that can manipulate my emotions on a dime? BG just pushed me over the edge today, especially when she woke up Bebe Boy, whom I had just gotten to sleep. My actions were not befitting the mom I consider myself to be. I guess i should confess to y'all the conditions in which we live. I'll preface by saying i HATE your privelidge, hate it. My house is a 1 bedroom, it's very small, we rent. 3 cats, 1 giant ass dog [whom we've owned 8-9 years consecutively] 2 kids, 2 adults, VERY FUCKING SMALL! We aren't degenerates, we just went into business with family. Suffice to say 3 years no vacations, no insurance, and pretty fucking sick of it. Wow, i think this shall be the R rated post, sorry, there is just a lot of frustration "in da house". Suffice to say hot daddy is on the job hunt, and hot mommy is seriously post partum. Okay so i am just going to cut it off here, i really don't like sharing this much personal info, it freaks me the fuck out.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Monster that resides....

Isn't it funny how your child will fall apart at the absolute worst possible time. We were at a lovely coffee/playdate yesterday. As the date was nearing it's end my bebe girl took a visit to meltdown central. It all started with a bag of balls (doesn't it always). My ever so sweet BG decided she did not want to share. Well that is a pretty big no-no in my book, so I made the mistake of mentioning that we were going to leave because she couldn't share and behave. I think there might have been a tear in the fabric of our universe with the chaos that ensued. There was screaming, kicking, screaming, oh and more screaming. My mommy reasoning abilities ceased to be effective. I must say my disbelief in her bad behavior mixed with my embarrassment made me want to scream myself. She went on a rampage of throwing -above said balls in all directions. I'm not sure if we'll even be invited back at this point her behavior was so atrocious. Well, granted the mom in question has a 3 & 4 year old so I am sure it was not an unfathomable incident. I am still sitting here in disbelief, where did that monster come from? Feel free to share your own [there is a monster inside my toddler] stories, if only to make me feel better. We have since talked to BG, but I am pretty sure it was all above her head. On a happier note, it was quite nice to have some grownup time (prior to the "incident"). I think I'll work on getting a fresh perspective, and hopefully we won't have another happenstance like that anytime soon.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I miss naps!

Napping has suddenly become passe for my bebe girl. She will be 3 in two months. She just decided she didn't want naps. We were having much to do at pretty much every nap time prior. So I started doing some research, I know I should just go with the flow, in the end that is what the so called experts say too. Apparently it is normal to give up napping between theages of 3-4. As with everything in the world of child development exact ages are relative. So end point, no more naps. Unfortunately she still doesn't wind down til around 9pm. We have instituted rest time, it works alright,but most of the time she sneaks out of her bed and runs around like a maniac, ahh 2 year olds.