Friday, April 07, 2006

running on empty/waxing bullshit.

i'm sitting in this sideways world, burning fumes. the warning light is on and i am heedless. note; i said heedless not ignorant. need and desperation can lead the outward looking in to judge me on morality, as if to say i have none. i am near to stalling out, but i am not un-caring. i wish that i were, that i could be. would that i could just walk away from everything and everyone taking with me hd, bg, and bb. we'd skip over to peru, and surely fall off the map. by then i think we'd refuel on the freedom of anonymity.

that was quite the load of waxing poetic BULLSHIT, don't you think? you probably come here for the fun, the kids, the craziness. yes i can guarantee crazy.

Bg passed out tonight right in the middle of her dinner, poor thing. she is having a bit of a time adjusting to mommy at work. Bb on the other hand is still bouncing around in his crib, and he wants out. I still haven't fixed a thing for the grown-ups to eat, and at this point I doubt it'll happen.

Bg has a strange rash. It started as these weird hot-spots on her palms and elbows, now she has little bumps, but only on her legs, and from elbow to hand. It is very weird, and comes and goes. It might be time for me to peruse some of RSM's comments regarding Boot's ecsema. She also has a horrid reaction to any sort of Tomato sauce, I don't know what that's about, but we've become a white sauce house hold. Bb is zooming all over the place, he has taken to crawling at lightening speed and refuses to be caged in. I predict he walks before his first birthday. Bg didn't walk until well after hers. He's already holding his own against his sister, he has to. She pushes, pulls, and takes away toys, He pulls her hair and pinches. I guess all is fair...Other than the normal sibrivalry things he seems to adore her, I am sure it will not last. Anyway this has turned into quite the strange post, but as I said crazy is a sure bet.

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