Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where to start?

Hello all, it has been a while. From the numbers I can see that I have a few lurkers, welcome. I don't update enough to deserve your comments, but i appreciate the visits. It seems my life has fast tracked right past me. I told y'all about my promotion, well that was aeons ago. I am now the operations supervisor (yes another fancy title without the fancy pay) on a whole new account. They did send me and a group of yahoos to LA for a week. I'd love to say that I had fun, except for the fact that I was constantly working or sleeping.
Okay, the true juicy, I did go to "the club" on my birthday Feb 14. We went to a club called Priveledge in Santa Monica (I think). A couple of guys I work with got swindled out of an indecent amount of cash to get us in, but I had fun. I didn't really indulge in the alcohol, I prefer to slowly partake and observe. I took pictures, i am now officially capable of blackmailing co-workers. I love my life!
I missed my kids so much! i didn't expect to become this lame, not up for the party mama, but here I am. The frustrating part was that they had a cold the whole time I was gone. I know they were being cared for, but nothing surpasses mommy TLC. I missed HD too, but coming home was so sweet! enough said.
I feel like I am becoming this crazed work-aholic. I come a little early, stay a little late. Can someone please tell me when I became a grownup? Anybody??
The BB is rapidly moving towards those terrible twos. Since my daughter really only had the Tyrannic threes, I am in a whole new territory. Th boy likes to hit, bite, pinch, throw himself prostrate on the floor, you name it. Then he turns on the charm. "I sowwy" it gets me every time. BG is becoming such a Big Girl. She is reigning in the tantrums, and becoming quite the sweetheart. Thank goodness, since we are dealing with above said BB madness.
Well it is late, and I am beat, off to the grind in the A.M. PLGC

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Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Good to read a new post! I'm one of the lurkers, checking back every so often to see if you've written anything new.

You are entering the fun part of childhood, enjoy them now, before they are looking you in the eye and telling you "You just don't understand!"