Saturday, March 01, 2008

the one where she flips grammar the bird!

I could title this blog how I went from NABLOPOMO to 1 post per month, but I won't. I get home at the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is log into the computer. My ass is up at 5:00am these days to get into the office on time. I leave work drive around for two hours, with a purpose mind you. Drive, pick up the BG, drive, pick up the BB, drive home. Cook dinner, settle the kids down, eat dinner, kids play time/mom art time/clean time/whatever really needs done time. Bedtime business for the kids, the regime of face care for mom. Story time, lights out? Nope the BB usually sticks in as long as possible. I realize this blog doesn't even contain complete let alone grammatically correct sentences.

I want to sit here and write something witty, something that makes you say hey I will come back to read that. BAM! It seems as if I have not done that in a while y'all. I am just so fucking tired lately, and tired of my excuses too. <--look I used a serial comma.

Well I am in the process of getting an attitude adjustment. I really hope that comes with an increase in energy level too. A friend recommended an herbalist that she sees, I am going to call. I need something right now to help my body match the OOMPH going on in my brain. The time is now, if I don't get off my ass soon I will be 10 months closer to 34, SHIT I have got to get his going!

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Paula Manning-Lewis said...

It was good to see Chris the other day. Hope to see you soon too! It will be good to have you guys around the studio! :)