Monday, September 22, 2008

i know i've been mean internet...

but, I could really use some advice. Tonight I took BG to ballet class. Keep in mind this is a class of 4-5 year olds at 5:15 in the evening after a day at kindergarten. The first thing the teacher did was to bring out the naughty Hula Hoop (just what it sounds like, aka the hula hoop of confinement). This is how she starts the class. I watched the entire time and BG acted out exactly once and it was mild at best. The teacher proceeded to move them to the corner and lecture my daughter. She was pointing and her face was very angry. She then came out of the class and lectured the parents to review the rules, as she does not have an assistant and cannot possibly be bothered to have Fucking Fun!

I have left a message for the school director to call me back. I am ready at this point to pull her from the school. I don't see the point if she isn't having fun. It's called Pre-Ballet for goodness sake. Also I don't remember anything in the curriculum about disciplinary actions. What do you all think, am I overreacting? Feel free to chime in internet, feel free.

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