Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like Woah!

This afternoon/evening has been bat shit crazy fucked up insane like whoa! No commas necessary. So the school nurse says BG needs an eye exam because her left eye is not seeing too clearly. Unfortunately the school nurses diagnosis turned out to be a No SHIT Sherlock sorta moment!! We took her in to the eye doctor for her first "real" check up ever. It is never good when they stick her on the "automatic look at the red house" machine and the assistant gets a look on her face like your child is a martian. Then you go in for the exam...

I told BG that no matter what she had to tell the truth. When she said she couldn't see the 6 inch letters on the wall behind me my first thought was Bullshit, little drama queen. My second thought was why the fuck is the optometrist so fucking fidgety? He says that he just cant get a handle on it so he adds some drops and dilates my 5 years old's eyes.

Amblyopia. Blindness in one eye due to the brain not computing the information so it develops one eye over the other. That is my off the cuff what I think the optometrist said to me definition. We see a specialist Friday. I have been on the support groups sites, I am feeling guilty and scared shitless, hence the sailor verbiage.

To top that off we had an artist meeting at the studio tonight. Needless to say it was not the perfect end to the evening. Maybe I just wasn't feelin' it. Maybe somebody just pissed in my cheerios and every Dumb Ass remark anyone made just rubbed me the wrong way. I mean i willingly listened to Lincoln Park on the way home, and I cannot stand angsty angry tunes. I give Props to the PM-L but other than that, like Woah!


Andrea said...

shiiiit... hope everything works out for her!

also, i dig your labels!

MC said...

It has been crazy, but we start patch Therapy soon and there is a good success rate with that.