Monday, May 25, 2009

would it help

if i turned a sad song on? i've been doing a bit of thinking on memorial day. just my own thoughts, no research. i had to explain to my 6 year old that we were remembering our soldiers, all of them from the first war to the last. to those fighting still. then my mom reminded me that we have soldiers here. people like my brother who did not have a voice, but fought as hard as any soldier ever could.

lil man was amazing. he had the smile of a tril of angels. he had the cry of a thousand deaths. he had the voice of god. there has never been a being of such truth, value and worth on this planet. it is hard to live up to, it really is. it is not that i ever felt compared to my brother, just that i was completely in awe of him. his soul spoke through his eyes, there was no doubt of his piety.

it may seem strange to you that i go on like this. to hell with what i think you think of me. lil man was my touch with grace. so today i memorialize you my brother. the heart that made us who we are. I LOVE YOU.

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