Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's been a long long long time...no commas..no caps

free floating free forum periods only. no commas no caps.  you missed me? probably not.   i did not miss me.  it has been one giant sh!& hole full of sh....shhhhh...no realy fricken shhhhhhhhhhhh.

crazy mazy flipping it corporate and homemade all at the same time.  i can't even tell y'all what i'm talkin about.  i can't cain't ain't gonna do it.

key words; kids. husband. husband. marriage..fidelity..love love love love love that man. mom...whoa really mom.. in the words of my 9 year old. wow ((all caps)) in a cap free world.  6 year old..competitive..moody..mother fricken 6!!  work.rent.babysitters.

anyway y'all.  apply your own story here because it is way more fun to do it that way.  more soon from the mc in the ec ..ca

peace love and mother fricken hecka becoming east bay y'all

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Karman Singh said...

Love your blog! read mine? http://thelifeofthebrowngirl.blogspot.ca ?