Monday, September 25, 2006

Quick Update...

Hi y'all, long time no blog. I am typing this quickly, because I don't know how long I will actually be on-line. Apparently the phone cables here are underground and are not suitable for DSL. In the middle of Fucking Albuquerque NM and I can't get on-line. Livid is a mild word to how my dealings with qwest have left me feeling.
Anyway...We are waiting on a job offer for HD. He's had 2 interview, and it's all a matter of coordination and money at this point. I am so anxious. Everything has been so topsy turvey for so long, that I am afraid to be too optimistic. My father in law, (Mr. Big Wig corporate Guy) says no news is good news, and the last interview was Friday afternoon. I am pretty sure they weren't working over the weekend. Keep your blog reading fingers crossed!
The kids are doing great. BB is trying to talk, and BG is finally slowing on the brat front. I am working still, though they did just offer me a promotion. I am feeling pretty proud of myself, even though I probably won't take it. It all depends on the offer they make HD. I am thinking of taking some time to stay home with the kiddos, and to focus on my writing and art. We'll See how that one goes.
Well Thank you for continuing to stop by, wherever we go next I am get internet through cable!
PLGC, Hot Mommy

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