Thursday, October 19, 2006

when i'm done with thinking..

Howdy Y'all. Well here I am and there you are, and we're still here. Life is a fickle bitch, but I'm a bigger bitch so I guess that's ok. BB is sitting in his highchair eating a glo-ball (the halloween version of a snoball) My husband is a SUCKER! Me TOO! Bg is mad because she hasn't finished her dinner yet, thus she is behind on the dessert front. Mundane yet beautiful eh? Work is moving and grooving, I have my own space. What more can ya ask for? I just wanted to drop something in for those of you that tune in. Delurk, drop me a comment, pathetic I know. I really could use the boost. plgc


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Hey there!
Good to see you back online, you are back online now right? Sounds like you guys are officially, Married with Children! Where life is almost always mundane.....until you get to the teenage years! Then everything is a drama!

You need to blog more often! I check in pretty regularly to see what's up.......?

cutemama said...

Hey hotmommy! Glad to here you're enjoying the little joys of life. Halloween rocks! I'm slacking on the costume front though I'd better get them before the mad house hits the store...Anyway thanks for updating, and take care...