Saturday, September 01, 2007

Separation Anxiety & the Hokey Pokey

My head is spinning, this time next week Saturday morning cartoons will have a whole new meaning. Ok, so maybe I am over exaggerating, but weekends in general will have a new feel. My Bebe Girl and her 4 year old self will be starting pre-K.

The Pre-K program here is supposed to be one of the best in the country. "Pre-K and Early Head Start Programs Enhance Children's Development" you can find out information regarding these programs nation wide at Education Atlas.

That little factoid does not stop me from being more nervous than a mouse in a rattlesnake cage! My baby is going to school! I am having some severe separation anxiety. Okay, okay so it is only 3 hours a day in the afternoon, 5 days a week. Wait that's like 15 independent from mommy hours, wowsa! Well really I am going to be pretty active as a volunteer parent. I plan on going to every field trip, and special event. How can I not. Well only 15-16 more years of this, (and that's not including college for both kids).

It's not like I am traveling to an alternate dimension to which no mommy has traveled before, I know that. Don't judge, just let this mommy have some anxiety, and then after I drop BG off I'll do the hokey pokey and turn myself around, because that is what it is all about. PLGC -out


Airam said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm not a mom so I don't understand fully what you're going through but I am an aunt and having the duty of dropping my 6 year old niece at summer camp everyday I can sort of understand the anxiety. Like I wouldn't leave the yard until she was all the way in the school. And it was so weird (but in a good way) to see her standing in a line with her backpack waving to me as she went inside. It was strange for me as well because I haven't been on the "parent" side before ... just the teacher side. So it did make me appreciate more what parents do go through and made me realize more that, WOW, parents are trusting me with their kids!!! That's huge! And it's something I've always taken seriously but I think this little experience with my niece makes me appreciate it even more.

Good luck!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Just wait! You have only just begun! My 'baby' just started high school this fall and of course I'm not allowed anywhere near the school! How embarassing, you know what I mean!

I know I've told you this before, but enjoy because it's over so fast!

I can hardly believe BG is starting school! Seems like just yesterday she was just a little baby! WOW!

See you at the Fair!