Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crabs & Bedtime Business

MMMMM Crab, even better than that,Cream of Crab soup, with a dash of sherry 'cause it totally makes it you know. Also if you run out of the wine you paired with dinner you can fall back on that 18% proof and shit. So I would like to thank this mama right here for the fabulous soup recipe! I lived in Charm city (aka Baltimore) for two years. I miss CRAB, i miss crab cakes, Maryland style crab soup, cream of crab soup, soft shell crab, oh wait not so much. Anything besides the soft shell is fair game.

I lived in a row home in Fell's Point. I could literally walk out my door and see Obryki's. If you don't know you better ask somebody.!! I also made these awesome rockin' stuffed pasta shells. Stuffed with homegrown purple bells peppers, roma tomatoes, Lump Crab from Phillips and lots n lots of cheese(5 to be exact) and of course heavy cream.

Well here I am probably five pounds heavier, feeling nostalgic for my 20's and all of the bars in Fell's Point. Alas it is time for bedtime business. Those fans of Blue's Clues know this requires a toilet, pj's and some brushing of the teeth. I am too stuffed and too pooped for bath time. Hasta Y'all. Peace love and Cream of Crab! -out


egan said...

Ha, I'm learning how having kids can put an abrupt halt to a wicked good blog post. Fell's Point looks pretty.

Dre said...

cream of crab soup... sounds delish!