Saturday, October 20, 2007

disjointed crabcakes and other compound words...

So my HD wants some BJ action, and I am all up for the quickie, but other secretions...?

Oh that got your attention did it? Sorry to say folks but this is not a sex blog it IS a mommy blog so go find some bunny action elsewhere.

I am having a pre-K issue; issue meaning, I think my daughter's teacher is either on crack or doing triple shots of espresso every-freaking-hour. Really though she talks like 90 miles per minute and every time I ask her about a field trip I'm not sure if she gave me the date or said she'd call me later. It is worse than waiting for a one night stand to return your call.

So (the teacher) Miss D finally called me, at work by the way, and proceeded to put me on hold. For the 2 minutes I was on hold I imagined every possible mutilation that BG might be experiencing. The "sitch" pick your kid up 15 minutes early because Miss D has a meeting. WTF, then in real speak...What the Fuck!! (no kids around realization I could curse out loud).

Ahh the life of pre-K. I am also currently having a bout of the terrible twos. BB is determined to throw one hellacious fit the minute I walk through the door. He is an angel for grandma, decent for dad, good around strangers, and the spawn of evil for mommy.

I love my life, my kids, the pre-K crack addict, I really do. It keeps life, after my boring 50 hours a week, sane. If I didn't have the chaos I might get complacent and think this is actually a great place to get comfortable. I might forget that at the heart of it I am this crazy sorta hippie, completely bohemian artist. I might forget that I'd rather have my kids say "my mom was this crazy artist with integrity." vs "My mom the ops sup she worked a lot, and boy did we throw some parties..."

This blog is disjointed at best. I am in the process of evaluating being 30+ and deciding where to go from here. I'll try to be more intelligible later, until then Peace..Love..Green Chile and Crab Cakes (MD style). -out

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