Monday, December 10, 2007


There's always the sky let it here what you're saying....

Today has been full. This morning it was 6am on a payroll Monday, which equals lots of work for this hot-mommy. Then it was off at noon to take the turtles to their check-up and government mandated vaccinations. Yes I vaccinate, bring on the trolls.

Vaccinating is not only something you doubt as a parent, but it is absolutely cruel. BB only needed 2 shots, hep-a and the flu. BG was not so lucky. She is apparently of an age, yes that age. The one where you are still in pre-k, but everyone forgets that fact and are already thinking kindergarten.

5 shots. 2 in one leg, one in one leg, and one for each arm. So don't chew me out right now for my stance on the whole vaccination thing. I feel like a heel already, a big fucking freaking heel!

I took the kiddos to Elephant Bar and had myself a Martini, [grey goose. dirty. dry.] don't hate. We had calamari, fresh baby field greens in a balsamic vinaigrette with bleu cheese crumbles and candied walnuts and mac and cheese. What can I say I live large. Our Waiter was fabulous, I don't remember his name but I tipped him ten on thirty four, so hey. We ended the meal with a Hot Fudge Sundae!!

We did a little Bookstore browsing and I read the turtles the Night before Christmas. All in all it has been a full day, but then again it has been a full month. I am going to be so tuckered out by 2008.

PLGC -out

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Dre said...

although i love this time of year, it can
be so frickin' stressful! i'll be happy
when it's all over!