Sunday, December 09, 2007


I haven't blogged in weeks. Funny how time will snap you up take you on a ride and pass you right by. That is how the last couple of weeks have felt. A whirlwind of busy that doesn't really have an end in sight. We've had parties and sickness and an excellent visit from the M-I-L.

It has really got me reminiscing. I think it is just this time of year, but I am dredging up memories of long ago these days. I sit looking at My turtles and seeing BG on the cusp of realizing that Santa too may NOT exist, and laughing at BB because the threat of "the naughty list" is really working this year.

I remember both of their Christmases when the shiny wrapping paper was way more interesting than the actual gifts they received. Beyond that I remember being rounded and pear shaped twice, the second time just a bit more round than the first. I remember the cute pink Santa Baby t-shirt that I worked so diligently to hem and bedazzle, because I did not want to look like a pregnant cow.

I could fill pages upon pages with these holiday memories. Why so many now? Is it just that we have a time frame to pull our memories from, I wonder? My favorite Holiday memory is related to the NFL, of course. The Christmas eve prior to the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl I got to see them play the Jets. It was nose-bleed seats, bitter cold and windy. I shared huge beers with CS snuggling close and wearing my dorky Raven head and team appropriate sweatshirt. I loved every single minute.

This time of year for me is about my family and friends. I love to give way more than I like to receive. I love the early morning intimacy of my small family gathered around the tree while the kids rip into their gifts. I love braving the mall. I love my life.

It is exciting that a New Year is approaching and that there will be new memories. It is important to remember how much I love my husband and how much I cherish my children. It is important to hold those Christmas' past in my heart. To laugh at the Christmas when my sister and I got hamsters and Pound Puppies. To remember my brother's laughter before he was fragile, before, when it might not have been his last Christmas.

PLGC -out

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