Tuesday, June 24, 2008

because i said so.

So circa 1992, me, my my Mom (hummingbird) and my sister (panda) went to a Crystal Gayle concert. Not only was she the sister of Loretta Lynne, but she had another sister who sang duets. So at that concert I was your classic 1990-something Albuquerque skater girl. you know, floral print body suit, snap at the crotch and WAY TOO baggy pants, ala my boyfriend Tito. Internet I am sharing a truth here. My boy friend's name was in fact. Tito.

Anyway, I lost my train of thought. I worked, and have a co-worker who is about to send me off the deep end, It is kind of like Mommy Law BITCH!! "BeCause I SaiD SO DAMMIT! So folks I cried a bit to night, but I am apparently back on my game, so.
-PLCG out.


LceeL said...

You know how to get rid of Co-Worker bitch? Start sending her resume out.

And welcome back - if in fact you're back on your game. PLCG ?????

Mamacita Caliente said...

Peace, Love, Green Chile.