Sunday, July 05, 2009

the popo post...

Well hello there, did you miss me? It was nice to take a small hiatus from the blogosphere but I did miss you internet. Turns out that I have a slight addiction to this whole writing thing. I suffered some sleep related anxiety because I kept thinking I was forgetting to do something. So here I am at the usual hour typing away.

It has been an uneventful few days with some cold beer and fireworks thrown in for good measure. I hope that you and yours had a dazzling 4th. I was a bit cheap on the firework front but the neighbor spent a bundle and made up for my lack. It was kind of funny watching how nervous they got whenever a car turned onto our street. I believe his exact quote was "Oh shit is that the popo?" Nice!

The stand that I got our works from was run by this really nice MMA fighter who was helping his dad survive the struggling WY economy. He comes to the Burque every year to support his fighting with the cash he makes from fireworks sales. Ahh, the American dream. He did ask me if I lived in the city. This made me wonder if he would have sold me something that had me saying "Oh shit is that the popo?" Sorry folks couldn't resist using the word popo as many times as possible in this post. All in all it was a nice 4th and I got to educate the kiddos on the declaration of independence by reading them an essay I found on Kaboose.

Just finished watching Hitchcock's To Catch a Theif, loved it! I can't resist Cary Grant though, ever. Mix in Grace Kelly and the French Riviera, ooh la la. I love that CS enjoys a classic movie as much as I do. The witty dialogue had us both cracking up and the clothes were amazing! If you enjoy Hitchcock and haven't had the opportunity to see it you should definitley check it out. Seriously made me want to watch The Trouble with Harry again. Hitchcock has a delightfully dark sense of humor.

Other occurrences of merit this week... My son's appropriate use of the words dumbass and fuckers. (I swear I try to watch my mouth but it is already too late) Besides he tells me he's old enough to listen to grown up words. It's the ease at which he uses them that has me slightly troubled. I hope that he can refrain at my husband's grandfather's 90th this summer. EB has finished over 200+ hours of patching since she was first diagnosed with Amblyopia. I am expecting good news at her next Opthamologist visit on the 20th. I am so proud of my little patching princess.

Well it has been real dear internet, photos soon.

PLGC (Peace, Love & Green Chile) -internet

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