Monday, March 08, 2010

Uhm hello again 2010, I see your still here.

Hello dear internets. I know that lately I have treated you much like an old pair of shoes. You know the pair, they looked so good on the shelf but never quite fit with any outfit you've ever owned. Yeah that's you and this is me and maybe just maybe I found the right outfit.

I'd love to say that I have spent all of this time bettering my spirit and accomplishing all of those big things that I promised you in my post before last. Some of those things are true. I have have delved into a journey of discovering myself. To tell the truth my dears that journey has led me down a few deep dark holes and I have been clamoring to get out. Lets get brutally honest here, since that's pretty much the point. You and I both know that I love to use this blog as a good swift kick in my own ass. I mean I look kind of funny spinning around my living room trying to reach it and this is much more cathartic for me.

I suck! I am right now Mrs. Sucky McSuckerson of McSuckerville. Yup that's me. There is a pile of clean laundry that has been lying around for I won't tell you how long. My children are watching too much T.V. and playing too many video games. I have sequestered my self in this house with said children, letting them do too much of all the wrong things over the period of a week in early February. My dining room table is covered in crap that doesn't go there and there are dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. This is not me, this is not who I am.

So there are the things that have fallen to the wayside. Yes I know they are all completely fixable and yes they will all be tasks checked off my to do list well before Friday. So my point? I just thought y'all should know that it isn't always home-cooked meals and jelly donuts in Casa de Caliente.

On that note I have quite snapped out of whatever funk I may have been in. I thank y'all dearly for allowing lil' ole me to vent and confess just a little. So I can hear you all asking yourselves So what is GOOD with MC these days. (oh you weren't asking?) Well I don't care because if you've read this far, chances are you'll keep reading and find out.

I am once again in possession of my beloved Mommy Mobile and she, the kids and I have been stepping out. Sure we spent three days in a row at the same beach park, but we had good times.

My kids are in a T.V. and video game recovery program and I am watching episodes of Hoarders on demand to ensure that I do not become one. I decided to do a week long vegetarian detox over two weeks ago and have recently received my copy of The Kind Diet from Amazon. Don't worry I haven't yet forced my carnivorous clan to join in my craze. I have begun an exercise program with Tracy Anderson (well the free webisode until i decide whether or not to order the DVD). I have seriously committed to Thinking about starting running again. I have joined a lovely teleseminar that has really given me a lot of food for thought.

There is new music in my world and it makes me happy. I am reading things beside those old beat up romance novels I lugged along with me from NM. I am thoroughly enjoying my family. My children are turning into phenomenal little metropolitan beings. I am learning to be more independent while HD is out working his full time job and earning his Masters degree.

So those are the things going on in my world in a nutshell. I can't tell you all of my secrets dear internet but those are a few. I can say for certain that my outlook has lifted. I plan on posting much more often and I hope to provide you with a modicum of entertainment value. You can join me for my journey as vegetarian in a meat eating family. There will be recipes, there will be disasters. We'll get candid about the different ways 4 & 6 year old can talk back and how MC is coping with that. You'll discover how and where we fit in family time. I think this is gonna be quite a year my dears.

Peace, Love, Green Chile & Taco Trucks (PLGCTT)

Mamacita -out

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egan said...

This sounds very familiar to me and I've only got one child. I just can't seem to keep up and really want to turn things around. I sense it will be attainable in the near future. I'm hoping to be positive.