Sunday, March 14, 2010

diggin' on crazy.

So anyone interested in obtaining a 4 year old, as is? He has a tendency to growl, yell, talk back, spit, kick you in the shin and run away. He also gives the most amazing heart wrenching hugs and says I love you at least a 100 times a day. Hmmmmmm. On second thought I think I'll keep him. I really do love those hugs.

just look at that smile...

I think back to two years ago when EB was the same age and I don't quite remember This. My little guy & I are together all day long everyday and there are a lot of meltdowns. There are a lot of good times too. He reminds me to play, to have fun. He also gets me damn mad, but I am learning what a gift patience is.

EB is pushing different sorts of buttons these days as well. She will be 7 in two weeks but you'd think she was turning 30. She knows everything, no really just ask her. She has perfected the blank stare and talking back under her breath. I had really hoped I had a few more years before that started to happen. I can't wait until she perfects the eye roll. I was really good at the eye roll, still am, just ask my mother. EB is turning into such a beautiful young lady and the remnants of my baby girl are fading away.

me & my little lady...

I'm not complaining, I kinda dig this crazy ride. I do have a few things in my day that get me through the rough patches. Mommy time outs help. Art, books, exercise and love helps. I have developed a bit of a texting habit. I am online a bit too much. It's like having an instant support team at my whim. I really like late night glasses of wine after the kids are tucked in. Their love helps.

All in all when I start to feel down, when I get a little blue I think about all of those good things and I have a little gratitude. My B-I-L says it best, "Monster through the day and have gratitude not attitude!" He's right. I have wonderful people in my life who love and support me and I have an amazing little family. They drive me effing nuts sometimes but I love them.

...and I am thankful for you, my few lingering readers who stick around for the crazy.

Peace, Love, Green Chile and Gratitude,

MC -out

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egan said...

Hang in there and keep sharing. That's what has been hardest for me, is to find time to blog and get stuff off my chest. Sadly, when it's hard to blog (time allocation wise) is when it really needs to be done.