Friday, June 23, 2006

walking and talking

Well Bebe boy is going to be 1 on Monday, and he's officially bi-pedal. He won't actually walk more than about ten feet, because crawling really is so much faster. Bebe Girl is into talking back right now. If you ask her not to talk back to mommy and daddy, her reply is "you don't talk back to me then." I can't wait until the teen years, no really I can't. I still don't really have anything fantabulously bloggy to write, but i know some of you read an occasional update is due. plgc...-out

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cutemama said...

Hi! It's me. yikes. We are gonna be parents of teenagers someday? Who signed me up for THAT? That wasn't in my contract!

Hey check out MY blog! Yeah I finally got off my bum to create one. Well I was sitting on my know what I mean.