Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chocolate change

So tomorrow I have a Phone Interview. Yup, I am thousands of miles away from the job I want. It is not even a job that I would normally apply to, but... As I have mentioned before I want to live somewhere cooler. We, the hubs and I have decided to make that happen. So hence the phone job interview. Wish me Luck!!

Bebe Boy is 1!! I think I mentioned that already, but it is still blowing my mind. We went to Chuckie Cheese, and now he is full on walking, EVERYWHERE!! I am once again convinced that if your kid is stalling out developmentally all you need to do is show them other kids. "Really that kid can walk?? ME TOO. "

So I am stoked that the hot-clan will be moving up Wisconsin way. I can't help but think, Change is a good thing. It is like chocolate, so very necessary.


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Good luck with the interview! Where are you guys trying to go? Wherever you go, I hope it will be great!

cutemama said...

No. Don't go. You can't leave me, my coolest mommy friend!

Ok Ok you can go, because I know you'll be happier. But you have to promise to call. And put me up when I go out to visit. Deal?

No One said...

Good luck on the interview!

michelle/weaker vessel said...

Good luck. Personally, I think you are nutbags for leaving New Mexico, which I think is the coolest place on earth (metaphorically, that is). I may give up a limb to be able to move back there right now. But to each her own, right? May your determination to change your life pan out in a positive way!