Saturday, November 11, 2006

over the flu.

We have survived a bout of the death flu here in the "Hot" household. 4 days straight with at least one of us emitting some sort of vile substance at all times. The kids of course recovered first, and BG was a queen when mommy was too sick to see straight. I have been thinking about starting those sit ups, but who needs that now? Seriously I have a freaking six pack from all of the heaving. Over-share? Sorry.
I had to call out from the ol' 9-5 and when I got in the next day, duh-duh-duhm... I was called into the "big" boss' office. My first thought, SHIT, fired for puking, ah well. Turns out I was actually given a promotion. We have a new account coming on, and for the duration I get a fancy title and a lil more dough. It is nothing outrageously fabulous, but a good turn for us at this point.
The hubs is working again too. It is bizarre trying to adjust to this 2 job household. I was so spoiled when we ran our own business. Even though I never aspired to SAHMness, I do miss it incredibly. I am appreciating my time with my kids a whole lot more though. Anyway that's the update for now, I am off to spend some "the kids are sleeping" time with my guy. plgc

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No One said...

I HATE THE FLU - but apparently it has advantages? ;) Six-pack, eh?