Sunday, October 29, 2006

F-bombs and the 'Burque

So Dallas is on the verge of a blow-out with North Carolina, my picks for the week are officially screwed! Oh, I haven't previously mentioned my insane football passion? I didn't drop any clues to my not-so-secret love of the Ravens and the Packers? Well now you know my dirty little secret. Both of my teams are WINNERS this Sunday! golly, any given sunday and all that.

Any-freaking-way (trying to curb the f-bomb habit) Last night my brilliant wanna be g-thug neighbors had a party. The music was booming, and I overlooked it. The gun shots and people jumping my fence, well 911 was dialed rather quickly. My Neighbor is thirty-fucking-one years old {fucking f-bomb}!! He has a 2 year old, he sells drugs, I am so done. I am way to old to be dealing with this type of shit. That is how it is in the Burque.

Y'all wonder why I want out of this "beautiful" desert? It is always this way. I have a 9 year old GIANT wolf-rot-shepherd cross (NM Mutt) because we were always getting broken in to. It didn't matter what part of the cityyou live in, even my mother has expereinced meth labs and drive by's. How is it in your burg? Is the US really going to HELL in a Handbasket? What do you think?


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Burque really is still the wild west, you know? I totally know what you are talking about. We are soooooooooo ready to leave the city for a little quieter surroundings! I mean, there are murderers with ankle bracelets going to school at the high school where my husband teaches and my son goes to school everyday! Although, I do believe it is getting worse everywhere in this country.
Hope you are having a more peaceful day today!


Hot Mommy said...

Thanks Paula, the not-so-neighborly "neighbors" are fast tracking straight to an eviction. So things are mucho bueno, apparently I wasn't the only one who called the cops. Now if I would just quit getting those calls from politicians.

No One said...

I live in a suburb of Orlando and consider myself lucky to be out of the "city." Crime has gone up drastically and I'm now on edge just going to Target. Apparently teenage punk gang assholes are targeting moms with kids because they are easy to steal from. Nice huh? Where I'm living, there's not much of that crap going on...for now.