Friday, December 23, 2005

Santa Claus is comin' to Town!

I am way too excited about christmas! BG, now firmly BIG Girl, as I was informed by her, she is not a bebe!! Anyway, BG is thouroughly greedy enough to understand, want and ask for presents. I just LOVE that! I can't wait for the flinging and ripping and tearing of wrapping paper. Bebe Boy could care less, but guilt over the insurmountable pile of toys his sister is getting made us buy an equal amount for him. We are definitely setting the bar way to high. Christmas future is sure to break the bank, but man what a way to break it. Hot Daddy and I struggled with even presenting the concept of christmas to our kids. 'Though we are truly secular beings, and felt in the end that our kids would not be the un-cool kids left out at christmas time. So too like all of the other kids in the world they will be dealt [eventually] the staggering blow. SANTA = YOUR PARENTS! We'll handle that when it comes. Until that fateful day it is so much FUN to see their shining faces ripping packages, and moving on to the next gift while under-appreciating the one they just opened.

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