Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ah the joys of the Holidays

So after a visit to grandma's house, bebe girl decided that our plain red stockings (the cheap kind that you write the name on with glitter glue) weren't good enough. The stocking's at grandma's had pictures. I thought, okay I'm crafty (damn crafty!) and decided to do felt snowmen and a giant snowflake on the toe. I also thought it would be great bonding time for me and bebe girl. Well here we are two hours later, my hands sticky with glue, and two time-outs under our belts...but the stockings are done. They do look cute as can be, I'll give it that much. My advice, two year olds cannot handle so much glitter, glue, and felt all in one go. I think we'll stick to crayons and finger paint for just a bit longer. Ho.Ho.Ho!

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