Wednesday, December 21, 2005

linking, playing, and other such things

Okay, so I attached this blogroll link, which I completely do not understand. So if you try to link to me using it I hope it works, if not, I am sure I'll figure it out at a later date. You see I am not quite a novice blogger, i've been blogging at my art site since september. I helped build that site, and the freeway program is much easier for my brain to comprehend, and create links with. However I think my readers there deserve a more art-centric blog, and I needed an outlet to unload my mommy-ness. So here I am. GAWD, this is already boring me to death, I can only imagine that your sitting there thinking, is this crazy bitch gonna say something interesting?! Okay, okay....
Bebe Girl and I were playing outside today, as it is unseasonably nice out. I didn't even realize how cooped up we were feeling until I was outside. I am no substitute for playing with other toddlers, but I score a mean touchdown when needed. Bebe girl has this motorized 4 wheel thingy, it goes like 2 mph. Pretty safe right? She has complette control with a push of a lil red button, and it pretty much only goes straight. Well she ran right into an old dead tree full of eye gouging branches. I am running & screaming "take your finger off the button", imagining that we'll be getting good use out of the pirate eye-patch from halloween. I pulled her off backwards, landed on my ass, and scared the shit out of both of us. She was fine, my behind, not so fine.
Next...BG has this foam basketball, it landed on a goathead (a nasty demon looking sticker found in the south west) and tore a hole in the side. BG says to me "Mama it's broken I will never ever play it again, lets give it to a new kid and I will get a new one." How generous! We have been sorting and giving some of our things to good-will to make way for christams booty. I am probably raising a certifiable spoiled brat, but....
Well now that we've all wasted a little chunk of our lives. I hope y'all are having a bit o' fun reading this. Oh, and until I can figure this linking thing out a couple of mommy blogs I really enjoy: and

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