Monday, January 23, 2006

Photo, Teeth, Swaddling, & Potty Training...

Well there they are, my two cuties. Some mornings I just want to eat them up. Bebe Boy finally cut a third tooth, unfortunately for my boobs he now has two bottoms and one top tooth, with absolutley no pressure control. The pacifier works intermittantly, but not when I need it most.

HD and I actually had the bed to ourselves until 4:30 am [last night/this morning], wow! I am still in shock that bb actually stayed asleep in his crib that long. I attempted a half ass swaddle last night, so maybe that was the key. He is 28" long though, and the baby blankets don't exactly get it done. Any suggestions? Also if anyone has some potty training advice, please share. Bebe Girl "gets" it about half the time, then she just reverts, and refuses to tell me when she has to go. HELP!

Well boring post today, but aren't my kiddos cute?! Okay, okay enough mommy gushing.


cutemama said...

Sorry no advice on the baby/sleep issue I let my kids co-sleep till they were about 2 yrs old, then I weaned them fr our bed to theirs. For the potty thing, I think what worked the best was taking away the pull-ups. Everytime little princess would wear them she would wet them. So I put her in plastic lined panties and they really got soggy and drippy when she wet-she didn't like that! The downside was I had to have spare clothes at all times for a couple weeks. I also made a sticker chart and put it next to the potty. She would get a sticker or a penny for her piggybank when she went. I also bribed her with candy, new undies, trips to the park, watching a favorite movie and just about anything she wanted to stay clean and dry! I was soooo glad to be done with diapee- the bribery and hard work was worth it!

Es muss Sein said...

i'm in potty training hell right now and the only thing I've figured out for certain is never ask, always tell. I never say 'do you have to go?' I simply say ok, it's time to sit on the potty and march her straight to it immediately after any drink, any meal, before a trip out of the house, after a trip out of the house, as soon as we get settled at the coffee shop, before the dinner comes. you name it