Saturday, January 28, 2006

babies & boobies

okay so my almost 3 year old is playing dress up. she managed to mangle a skirt into a shirt, but her front was showing. i said "honey why don't you slip on one of your shirts so your boobies won't show." she says "but i like my boobies showing, their so nice." future stripper? we'll see i guess. sometimes there is just no combatant to the 2 1/2 year old logic, none i say!
bebe boy is becoming quite adept at the raspberry, it is his favorite noise of late. he turned 7 months, 2 days ago, wow the time does fly. i happen to think he is a burgeoning genius. mommy bias? probably, but he has a few words, up..mamam, dada, get. all of the essentials no less. mommy brag alert!!
so that's my blurb for this evening, happy sunday, in this house anyway, it is the hubby's day off. Hot Damn!

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