Wednesday, February 15, 2006

She just goes on and on.

Wow, that last blog was a bit negative, to say the least. Sorry about that,I am just feeling a lil edgy lately. I am doing better now, I've taken a whole new approach to bebe girl. She is still acting as nutty as every almost 3 year old is apt to do, but mommy is more chill. We're even starting to get the potty thing down, well sort of. Also if you have any advice about toddlers and their desire to shove food up their nose, please pass it my way. BG has an obsession with it, and spitting, I try not to over-react because it seems to make it more fun.
Hot Daddy got a job interview, it is a bright spot on the horizon. It is such a new game to us, this waiting and the competitive job/career market. Running your own business for 3 years really takes you out of the loop. It certainly isn't like the college days, when you could get the most convenient retail or table waiting job. I mean I'd wait tables again in a second, if we needed it, but HD really has a career path in mind, and I want to support that. Well this post is starting to drag on. I guess I went from scaring you off with my potty mouth, to boring you to death. I can hear you right now, "Make her stop already!" Oh ok.

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