Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Monster that resides....

Isn't it funny how your child will fall apart at the absolute worst possible time. We were at a lovely coffee/playdate yesterday. As the date was nearing it's end my bebe girl took a visit to meltdown central. It all started with a bag of balls (doesn't it always). My ever so sweet BG decided she did not want to share. Well that is a pretty big no-no in my book, so I made the mistake of mentioning that we were going to leave because she couldn't share and behave. I think there might have been a tear in the fabric of our universe with the chaos that ensued. There was screaming, kicking, screaming, oh and more screaming. My mommy reasoning abilities ceased to be effective. I must say my disbelief in her bad behavior mixed with my embarrassment made me want to scream myself. She went on a rampage of throwing -above said balls in all directions. I'm not sure if we'll even be invited back at this point her behavior was so atrocious. Well, granted the mom in question has a 3 & 4 year old so I am sure it was not an unfathomable incident. I am still sitting here in disbelief, where did that monster come from? Feel free to share your own [there is a monster inside my toddler] stories, if only to make me feel better. We have since talked to BG, but I am pretty sure it was all above her head. On a happier note, it was quite nice to have some grownup time (prior to the "incident"). I think I'll work on getting a fresh perspective, and hopefully we won't have another happenstance like that anytime soon.

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