Friday, February 24, 2006

so html and me, not so good.

Well y'all I have tried to create links to some of my favorite blogs. Alas html genius I ain't so... We will see how it turns out. Blogspot offers a handy dandy lil template, but I am not sure I even understand that. I will and can learn, I promise you, why??? Well because some of these blogs and sites are just to good to resist. I tried blogrolling, but as I do not have a single tech bone in my body, I failed miserably and gave it up.

Anyway, onto the preschool/toddler blues. When the hell did my toddler become a pre-scooler, and my infant become a toddler? It has happened, cripes! BB is only 8 months old and all over the place, BG was a pudgy little lump at this age. I am at a loss, is it just that boys are different from girls, or that kids are simply different from eachother? I'll adjust, after all I am quick witted like that. Hell I may even figure out this damn html thingy, uhm internet, umh crap, at some point. One can dare to dream, well can't she?

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