Friday, July 07, 2006

My White Flag.

So I got a call back for a second interview, but they want to meet me in person. Now I have to think of little details, like when I might actually be in the WI area. SHIT! This means I actually have to start taking this moving and getting a better job thing seriously. I did manage to pack 1 box today. Okay so a box of stuffed animals isn't exactly helpful, but hey. I also managed to finagle BG out of 5 or so toys to donate. Note to self: "DO NOT sort toys when the kids are awake!" too much headache, er um heartache.

BG is a terror, but only part time just when you least expect it. She will throw these crazed crying fits, that make her turn an interesting shade of blue, and by the time she's finished I just want to give in. Really here's my Tom and Jerry white flag on a stick surrender. I don't, I am apparently a very mean mommy. I do have a "magical" machine at my place of work that dispenses candy, oh believe that I use that to my advantage. The problem is leverage, threats, time-out, nothing works. When Bg is on a rampage everyone in the neighborhood knows it. Then she smiles, says she's sorry and gives out hugs like an ATM dispenses cash. Oh the hugs, is the word SUCKER stamped on my forehead in permanent ink, no really is it?

BB is all over the place, walking like a pro, and talking that oh so cute gibberish that only a mama can understand. It is so amazing to me how in the midst of impending chaotic upheaval my kids can be so happy (most of the time). I guess I must be doing something right. I may not have the cure for tantrums, but like Dizzy Lizzy I''m willing to donate mine to the cause.

This post is all over the place, without a cohesive paragraph in sight, I apologize. It has been a long night back at work after 2 days off, and my brain hasn't caught up with my glass of wine yet. I hope y'all out in this blog-o-sphere are having a good night. Peace love and Green Chile!

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