Saturday, July 08, 2006

Angry at the Bad Apples.

What is wrong with people? Ok, don't answer that, too vast I know. I am pissed off. I am sure your all just dying to know why. No? Well I am going to tell you anyway. We tried to access our email through aol on the 6th, and were informed that we had a terms of service violation. Basically someone had bounced a spam out of our box. Okay so this has happened before, reset passwords, yadayada.

Today While looking at my bank statement there are some fishy charges out of Montreal CA, WTF! I call the bank, and the agent says, "well HD charged them have you asked him?" "Well, uh yeah, he's standing right here you bitch!" okay so I was way nicer than that, but it is what I wanted to say, her tone was so snotty. I asked when the charges were incurred, lo and behold the same day as the email fiasco. I informed the snotty little bank bitch that We weren't even home that day to shop online, and that I had been with HD all day. Long story short, our AOL was spywared when I accessed it on my Mom's computer, and they got our bank info, and had some fun.

I called my mom to let her know, and she too was missing money, way more than we were. Her bank no questions asked called the business where her charges originated and refunded her on the spot. My "dispute" is pending. Monday morning some poor unfortunate banker is getting his ass chewed out. I'll probably be really nice truth be told, but I will get my money back, BELIEVE THAT!

I would be disappointed, except that would be naive. Some humans are just so shitty. You break your back to provide for your little family and someone else steals it. You report the theft and suddenly you're suspected. I truly understand the reasoning. I am sure some chick out there is disputing some online charge that hubby truly did initiate and is too afraid to admit. The thing is the charge wasn't porn, it was freaking textiles! I looked the company up online and couldn't even find them, so how the fuck am I gonna rack up charges? TEXTILES! I fucking Rent, and I ain't planning on improving this shit hole to live here for a couple more months. Bottom line someone is taking food out of the mouths of my babes, and I am not standing for it.

Okay I think my rant is finito. I had to get that off my chest otherwise it would sit and fester all weekend. I really don't want to berate some poor bank teller who is just doing her job. In other news BB is suddenly very frightened of the dog, who yelped when BB pulled his ear. He points and cries. Bg had only one tantrum today, YEA! We are working on using our words, we'll see. So does anyone have any bit of good human nature to share? Bring it on if you do I need to restore my belief in humanity, just a little.

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No One said...

What is WRONG with people?? Why can't they get jobs like "normal" people instead of taking from those who work? Rat bastards.