Friday, July 21, 2006

Green Monsters, Teething, & Other Oddities

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Schizoid |||||||||||| 46%
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Antisocial |||||||||||| 50%
Borderline |||||| 26%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 42%
Narcissistic |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Avoidant |||||||||| 38%
Dependent |||||||||| 38%
Obsessive-Compulsive |||||| 26%
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Thanks to Dizzy Lizzy for the enlightening insite, and a blog topic for that matter. Go ahead try it for yourself. I have been spending my evening with a Tecate, and catching up on some email. How do you fit all the craziness that is your life into a paragraph or two? Oh yeah, tell them to read your blog. I didn't, I figure they could check out my art site and ramble their way into it, I am not going to invite them into my mommy-centric world on purpose. When I am sitting at home late at night like this I am so desperately jealous of their non-baby having lives. Damn them for continuing their education, or climbing the ladder. Okay so not really that is just the beer powered green monster talking.

So Bebe Girl seems to be passing this stage of defiance, FINALLY! We have resorted to taking away the ever so special "Snuggle Puppy" with whom she can't fall asleep without. Mean Mommy! It works, I am happy, she is behaving, need more be said. Were there just one to many commas in that sentence? Bebe boy on the other hand has started cutting eye teeth. The screaming the whining, I will never sleep again. Thank Scientists for Tylenol. Oh and Hylands for teething tablets! Try them, they will make you happy.

So how are all of you out in the blogland? Share your teething (horror) stories and remedies here! Thanks for tuning in bloglanders, I appreciate it. Peace, Love, & Green Chile -out


cutemama said...

Wow I never realized how wacko you are...JK...I knew it all along!! JK for real this time.

About the teething, uhm, frozen stuff works good. If you wet a clean washcloth and put it in the freezer he can chew and knaw on the frozen end...and it simultaneously catches drool...two for one!

No One said...

Yum...Tecate! Need one of them right about now as my 15 month old rips my shirt so I have to nurse him and my 4 year old poops, once again, in his underwear. ;)