Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bullets Schmullets

Hey y'all, first of all I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you stopping by. Secondly, I am sorry if that last blog was a bit of a downer. I am going to take the easy way out and give a bulleted update here, forgive me. Well in no particular order:
  • Someone actually had my bank account info as well, so I now have a new bank account. Gee my bank was so helpful, they even threw in a free cooler on wheels (perfect for the zoo). -sarcasm alert> my life is complete now.
  • I have started a new short story, and am quite pleased with how it is coming along. It has 4 whole pages, dialogue and all. If I were still in college, wow 4 pages, you know. Since this is real life, it still needs a lot of work and 5 or 6 re-writes. Funny, in college I NEVER did re-writes.
  • Bebe Girl is in a question all things sort of stage. Some of it is delightfully cute, then there is the "why do I have to listen, Why!?" and the comeback I didn't think I'd hear until she was at least 10, "whatever mom". Um, can someone please tell me where my 3 year old went? I know I am in a delusional world to think it will get better from here, but a girl can dream.
  • Bebe Boy climbed over the baby gate, he crash landed. I had hoped that would dissuade further climbing attempts. Like I said above, delusional.
  • I have started crocheting again, I don't suck as bad as I used to. I have been working on the same Green Bay Packer blanket for HD for the last 5 years. We'll see how far along I get before I put it aside again.
Well, thems the bullets folks. Lame Schmame you know the game. I will try to add some wit next time around. Thanks for stopping by. PLGC -out

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Jo said...

Nice to see another ABQ mama on the web. I look forward to reading more of your posts.