Friday, October 27, 2006

Material Girl?

Really can't we just leave Madonna alone. Hell I think I'd give her my kids, considering the life and privelidge they'd have. It really seems to me that the whole adoption controversy, is way to politically about Malawi for me. What do you think. Is it too easy for people of "power" (meaning money) to adopt? I really think if you can afford to then you should do it. Why pro-create when you could support someone who needs you? If I am ever in a place where it would be monetarily concievable... I would do it too, just not in Malawi. I think maybe for just this once we should cut Madonna a break. I mean if you want to criticize the woman, there is way more to focus on than a kid who is gonna have a kick ass life.

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Paula Manning-Lewis said...

I agree, leave her alone. She's helping the kid to a better life!