Saturday, November 17, 2007

Morning musings.

I love driving at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. There seem to be few if any people on the road and I don't have to drive 75 mph to get where I need to be. This morning's drive reminded me that I love this time of year.

There were at least 20hot air balloons scattered throughout the sky. The weather is brisk enough for a few layers but you don't really need a jacket. I do think it is time to get some gloves though. I buy new ones every year and by the next time I need them I have usually lost the mate. I could start an interesting art piece made entirely of mis-matched gloves. Most likely it would catapult me to a life of fame in the Fine Art world and I would have to live up to the brilliance of the mismatched gloves. That first ray of brilliance is to big of a hill to climb, so I think I will just let go of that dream right now.

As I was driving down I-25 I tried to imagine myself as a tourist and on my way to Santa Fe. I start taking stock of what I see. Adult Video, John Deer Tractor, Topless Dancers, Olive Garden. I say to my imaginary 70 something husband "Pa they got us a Olive Garden we can go there for dinner." Then I shift into the other type of artsy-chic tourist. Albuquerque is such a hick town, I can't wait to get to Santa Fe." The trucker, he pulls over to one of the five strip clubs in that small stretch and has a beer.

Yes I do have quite an imagination. I also have 3 years of owning a shop in Albuquerque's Old Town. The scope of tourist types goes well beyond those I've listed, but I assure the depiction is accurate.

To top my morning off was a lovely fellow driving in front of me. He so hadn't been home yet, and he was smoking a big ol' stogie, so I am pretty sure he got lucky last night. I was giggling and reminiscing of my 7:30 a.m. jaunts in the past. They weren't always grown up obligations, but then I didn't stop and take stock of the world around me back then either.


Sarah Marie said...

I was in New Mexico for a conference a couple of years ago. I spent most of my time in Santa Fe. I loved it! I had the best conversations there--with friends and strangers. Just a good vibe overall.

I'm off to scan your site for photos of your cat!

Elizabeth Coplan said...

What a beautiful reminder to slow down and look out the window! I love image of the 25 hot air ballons against a morning ski.

I came here to tag you but I see you've already been tag. I've listed you on my site anyway, because you have a delightful way of writing. Cheers, Elizabeth
A Wild Ride

Mamacita Caliente said...

Sarah; I am now going to have to pull out a pic of my cat and post it.
Elizabeth, Thank you.