Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NaBloPoMo and Bullets

Well, I have fallen into this NaBloPoMo thing so here is day one of posting to this blog everyday for the next month. What?! You say it is cheating to start NaBloPoMo in the middle of the month. Do you see how often I actually post to this blog? I think it will be a great exercise in daily writing for me. We'll see if I can keep it interesting.

Bulleted Updates by Persona:

  • Bebe Boy is so into whining right now. Well whining, screaming, bawling and whining some more. He is the King of fit throwers. Everything his sister has he wants and takes. How do you relay the concept of Don't take shit that isn't yours! It is as simple as that. Aside from wanting to tie him up hang him by his toes from the ceiling I am handling it the best I can. I do occasionally scream into a pillow but I am sure it is just a phase. Please for the love of all that is mommy say it is a phase!

  • Bebe Girl has been sick for the past couple of days. She came to my bed Tuesday at 3am from a bad dream. Just as I pull her in for a quick snuggle I briefly register the word puke. We were cleaning the trail to the bathroom for a good half hour. She was extra bummed because we had to miss a field trip to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. I tried to convince her that since her Auntie was married there (BG was 1 1/2 at the time) that we really didn't need to see it again. Alas another visit is in my near future.

  • HD is slaving away since his promotion. It seems that once you out perform those around you then you are held to that high standard. He is damning himself for his lack of the lackadaisical attitudes his co-workers seem to thrive on. I must say that I am the lucky one. He gets thes kids ready and drops them at my Mom's 4 days of the week and has them all to himself on the 5th day. That short stint as a SAHD really helped him get a handle on butterfly pancakes and fruit smoothies.

  • Mamacita. Well I got the news today that it is "Business as Usual" at the job. I have been putting on a good front, the whole "Hell no I am not in the least bit worried about losing my job during the Holidays" sorta front. Now that it is on solid ground again "I am so freaking relieved to have a job during the holidays!" Well thats all for now I have 16 more days to go, gotta save it up.

Tomorrow's topic; learning to read.


Veronica said...

Oh I love the idea of hanging him by his toes! I feel like that all too often.

suchsimplepleasures said...

what i do is, i take duct tape, start at his head and roll it all the way down to his feet...making sure it's heavy duty around the mouth area. that way, he can't whine, he cant break his toys or his siblings toys, he can't follow me around. i just plop him on the couch and turn on little bear. i leave his eyes and nose open...wouldn't want anyone to accuse me of child abuse! that's how i get my son, who is also "going through a phase", to settle down.
just kidding...
enjoyed reading your blog. by the way...i hate driving the speed limit. i am a huge speed demon and get really annoyed when people in front of me are going too slow...the speed limit!
take care!

rudecactus said...

Sadly, my daughter has been giving your son a run for his money as a fit thrower lately. GAH!

SuzanneSays... said...

Here's what I do: get 'em each a sturdy harness, and then install heavy duty hooks on the wall - you know - the kind you use to hang a bike on the wall. Make sure they're installed high enough on the wall that their darling little feet don't touch the floor when you put their sturdy harnesses on them and hang them up for awhile! :)

Well, ok - I have only fantasized about doing that - but fantasies have saved my sanity more than once. :)

I, too, just joined NaBloPoMo, and I've come to tag you with a meme. :) Details are at my blog.