Saturday, August 01, 2009

the best laid plans (not what you think)

Sorry that I have been lax on posting lately. Even though we do not have a definitive plan for this west coast move it seems to occupy most of my time. My life is fraught with sporadic packing, children induced anxiety and pure avoidance. The latter being my nemesis.

Me: "Oh there's a marathon of such and such on TNT, must sit on my ass and watch...Oh you brought home beer and Jim Beam, well we can't let that go to waist...Oh I haven't read the umpteenth update from the too many tweeps I follow...Oh wait did Momversation post something new (check out the one on procrastination, it's my fave)...oh..oh..oh.."

The Dear husband has noticed this, lets call it, laziness. He hesitates to bring it up to me for fear that I might get all hormonal and rant some illogical crap at him for a couple of hours. Which I probably would, so that makes him right, which pisses me straight off! Really why does he have to call me out on something I am beating myself up over. What's that you say? Yes I call him out for every little idiosyncrasy. Huh? I deserve to get what I dish out? Oh allright. Dammit internet Now You are pissing me off.

I have so much shit to get done and we are flying out to IL on Wednesday for a family shindig. I am totally happy for the impromptu vacation but all of my above said crap has made it more panic filled. I need the big flashing DON'T PANIC sign from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy right now. Why do I do this to myself? If I had the answer y'all I wouldn't be posing the question here. By the time we return it will be exactly 4 weeks til the move, 4 freaking weeks. Damn.

Man this whole post is sliding into some mighty whiny territory. That irks me too and now I am pissing myself off, WTF! Maybe that's the problem, I am apparently too effing pissed off to get anything done. Well I just can't accept that. Henceforth I give you permission dear readers to flip me the bird and tell me to stop the nonsense! I am moving to beautiful Northern Cali and I have fabu friends in the area. In the end it doesn't matter how we get there, just that we DO get there.

I am going to butcher this quote, mainly because I can't remember who wrote it and it is one CS uses all the time. I don't even know if I've ever seen it in print but I love it. "Planning is like looking for your lost wallet under a lamppost when you didn't lose it there in the first place" That pretty sums it up for me right now.

Move along, there is nothing to see here...

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